Boundless Makes it’s Way to PS4 And PC

Boundless is making it’s way over to PS4 and PC and it’s being published by Square Enix Collective. Boundless is a Epic Sandbox MMO giving players complete control of the universe. Every world is connected in Boundless, this includes everything from the economy, the political aspects, crafting, and the communities players will make.

Boundless will let players enjoy the game how they want to pay it. You can acquire skills by leveling up your character which can be done when you complete objectives. Players will be able to travel to other worlds by maintaining portals for yourself and other to use. Boundless is developed by Wonderstruck which are excited to see Boundless finally launch.

PC players can have a taste of what to expect with Steam Early Access. PC version of Boundless will be published by Square Enix collective, while the PS4 version will be published by Wonderstruck. Both versions will be able to play together on launch on September 11th. Check out the latest trailer above.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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