Marvel’s Iron Fist First Trailer for Season 2

Marvel’s Iron Fist debuted a lengthy trailer for the 10 episode second season airing September 7th on Netflix. The first season of Iron Fist featured plenty of backlash and frustration before the show even premiered. The Defenders was widely praised and seems to have helped to turn around the image of Iron Fist. After watching this trailer, it looks like Iron Fist has kicked it up a notch for their sophomore season. The trailer features plenty of fight scenes and multiple glowing fists.

Sacha Dhawan returns as Davos, what appears to be the new villain. The trailer shows Davos receiving the Iron Fist, and his is very aptly red in color. Fans will also notice that a certain yellow mask is shown a few times, but will Iron Fist get a costume this season? Do we want Iron Fist to suit up like Daredevil? The trailer features plenty of Jessica Henwick, returning as Colleen Wing, plus Luke Cage’s Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick, joins the team with her new bionic arm in tow. While we don’t see much of them, the Meachum siblings are back and giving some sinister looks. I don’t think they are going to be running back to their childhood buddy anytime soon.

If the second season is as good as this trailer, fans are in for a treat. Life for Danny Rand is about to get a lot more complicated, and it might not be so easy to just keep the peace.

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