Life is Strange 2 Officially Revealed

Square Enix and DONTNOD Entertainment have officially revealed Life is Strange 2. We all knew it was coming after many reports of a sequel being in the works. Life is Strange 2 will focus on two brothers Sean (16) and Daniel Diaz (9) who lived a fairly normal life in Seattle after a tragic turn of events. Now on the run from the police and threatened with both separation and incarceration. Sean is now taking Daniel to seek a better life in their family hometown Puerto Lobos, Mexico.

Along the way the brother will have to face many challenges and tough choices you expect from the Life is Strange series. Players will have to live with the consequences of their actions. Life is Strange 2 main theme is brotherhood as you will learn to be a provider and a teacher for Daniel.  Life is strange 2 will feature a new power to the series, what it is and how it relates to the brothers will come in due time as you play along. The first of 5 episodes launches September 27th on the Playstation4, PC, and Xbox One.  Check out the latest trailer below.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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