Aquaman Extended Trailer Released Ahead of December Premiere

DC has gotten flack for years on their cinematic enterprises aside from the widely acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy and of course Wonder Woman. Aquaman has gotten its fair share of concern since being announced, but hopefully, this new extended trailer will put some of those concerns to rest.

Fans have had a lot to say so far about Aquaman. “The trident wasn’t right in the initial posters.” Well fans, it looks like DC heard you. This trailer shows a more traditional trident. “Mera’s hair is too red; it’s not natural.” This one still cracks me up a little bit. Mera is essentially a mermaid; why would her hair be a natural color? Even so, can you argue with how great Amber Heard looks as Mera? “DC is too dark; where’s the humor?” Take a look at this trailer; it looks like the DCEU is going to be at least a little bit more lighthearted these days.

My worries with this film were a bit different from most fans. I never had doubt that Jason Momoa could make Aquaman a badass; you’ve seen him right? I never had doubt that James Wan could direct an amazing film. But what would the underwater scenes look like? Atlanteans can breathe and speak underwater, but how would that work in a film? We don’t get to see much in this trailer, as I presume that much of the film takes place on land, but what we do see certainly settles my concerns with any of the underwater scenes looking goofy. Plus, it looks like there will be some pretty crazy creatures underwater that I’m sure will look amazing on the big screen.

This extended trailer certainly shows the outlines for an incredible movie. I can say for sure that I’ll be getting my tickets for Aquaman, set to debut in theaters on December 14th, 2018.

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