Titans “Hawk and Dove” Review

Titans debuted its second episode by introducing us to Hawk and Dove. Grayson and Rachel are on their way to see his old pals, but they are not exactly ready to welcome him with open arms. Unfortunately, this means that we didn’t get to see more from Starfire and Beast Boy. I’m guessing until they are all in one place, there will be some back and forth between all of the characters.

We first see Hawk in a bit of a pickle. He only has to endure a moment of torture before Dove comes to save the day. Hawk aka Hank Hall, played by Alan Ritchson, has been through a lot, if his medicine cabinet proves anything. Dove aka Dawn Granger, played by Minka Kelly, doesn’t patronize Hank for choosing to celebrate, since they are on their way to taking down a major gun seller. They are hoping to secure enough money on this final bust to walk away, maybe settle down in a remote town where they can give up the superhero life.

Of course, we know their lives are about to get a bit more complicated when Grayson shows up with a teenage girl in tow. When Rachel meets Dawn, her soul self is able to see a bit of Dawn’s past, and the look we get is a steamy scene between her and Dick. Dawn and Hank have been together for three and a half years, but four years ago, Dick, Dawn, and Hank were teaming up against the bad guys. Although according to Batman, Hawk and Dove were the bad kids, but Robin went out with them anyway.

Meanwhile, we’re sort of introduced to a family in St Louis. From the moment we see this family, it’s clear that something is off. They are very tense and are trying to be way too perfect. A man comes to the door and essentially activates the entire family. They all get an injection, and off they go.

Amy Rohrbach calls her partner, but Grayson just says that he’s out on a case. She fills him in on the cop who took Rachel as well as the man she killed. The cop wasn’t one of theirs; his badge and uniform were fake. It seems that they were part of a doomsday cult ready to prevent the end of the world, whatever that means. The medical examiner warns Amy to be careful before laughing and telling her that he’s just joking. I actually enjoyed the subtle poke at the cheesy lines that many superhero shows use. The crazy family ends up at Rohrbach’s apartment asking about Detective Grayson. They are after Rachel and know that Grayson is with her. Amy is hurt but hopefully still alive.

Back in Washington DC with Hawk and Dove, Rachel is getting settled in, but she’s wondering what their next step is. Grayson ends up getting some money from Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler. He wants to leave it with Hank and Dawn as a way to support Rachel. Dick plans to leave alone. Rachel of course is frustrated that he would leave her after promising not to. He knows what it feels like; yet, he didn’t seem to have any qualms about doing the same to this child.

Obviously Hank and Dawn are blindsided and not happy with how Dick planned on just leaving. Dick clearly has some difficulties with talking through anything. It’s the night of the big takedown for Hank and Dawn, and they are doing this no matter what. Rachel knows that they need Robin with them, but he’s hesitant. He ends up going anyway, and it’s a good thing he does. Hawk and Dove were outgunned until Robin came along. He mentioned to Dawn that she doesn’t know who he’s become, and after seeing him fight, Dawn realizes that he’s right.

I hope you didn’t forget about that crazy family because they found Dick and Rachel. Whatever they injected themselves with makes them pretty difficult to defeat, even for our heroes. Dove ends up getting thrown off the roof, and Rachel is missing. I assume that Rachel can take care of herself, if she lets her soul self out. Dove, on the other hand, is wounded badly and in need of serious help.


Editor's Rating

Titans has continued full steam ahead. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get any more scenes with Beast Boy and Starfire, but I do think it’s a good idea to only show so many characters at once. I’m also curious how Beast Boy is going to fit into the mix; we already know that Starfire is looking for Rachel. Titans did a great job showing us that these superheroes are human. Most superhero shows make it out like they rarely get hurt, but in reality, these heroes are constantly battling their injuries. They also don’t act mightier than thou even while they’re trying to help people. All in all, I love the addition of Hank and Dawn and can’t wait to see how this first season continues.
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