Arrow “Crossing Lines” Review

Diaz is still causing mayhem, but this time Felicity and the team are closer than ever. Felicity turns to Agent Watson with the FBI in the hopes that her goal will be to catch Diaz no matter what it takes. Oliver is still trying to figure out a way to get to Diaz from inside prison, and he has to deal with Brickwell to get the information.

Agent Watson isn’t exactly thrilled to see Felicity in her office asking to be let in on the Diaz investigation. Watson reminds Felicity that her deal with Oliver doesn’t make them allies. She wants to handle Diaz according to the law. But Felicity isn’t going to take that lying down, so she bugs Watson’s office. Watson gets intel that Diaz is looking to break into the CDC with the Longbow Hunters.

Felicity uses this intel to figure out that Diaz is after a compound. She comes up with a plan to trap Diaz inside of the CDC, but she needs Watson’s help. Watson agrees to help and allows Felicity, Rene, and Dinah to watch her back. If only the plan were executed as easily as it sounded. Unfortunately, one of the Longbow Hunters they have dubbed Silencer has found a way to block Felicity’s signal. She can’t lock Diaz into the CDC without taking Silencer out of the equation.

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There wasn’t enough firepower to take out Diaz, and he escapes with the compound. Rene has Silencer in his sights, and Felicity begs him to do whatever it takes to capture her. She’s their only link to Diaz. Felicity decides to not let the FBI in on this and tells Watson that Silencer escaped with Diaz. Rene and Felicity have Silencer, but now what? They’re going to need some sort of help, assuming they get any information out of her.

Back in prison, Oliver took care of the guard for Brickwell, even though it wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Brickwell is ready to hold up his end of the deal. He arranges a meet between Oliver and “the demon.” All of the information goes through this mysterious person, but Brickwell has a plan for their meeting. Unfortunately his plan isn’t to let Oliver meet the demon. He’d much rather Oliver be dead, and he sends Turner to kill him.

Thankfully, Oliver isn’t that easy to kill, and he forces Turner to take him to Brickwell. Brick was happy to have that guard out of the way because now they can have some real fun. Oliver was right. The guard was completely innocent; his only flaw was actually following the rules. Now, it appears that the other guards are more than willing to let Brick have his fun. Naturally that means a fight club in prison. Did anyone expect something different?

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When Oliver gets into the fight club, he has to get past their champion, Sampson. Their fight worked in Oliver’s favor the first time, and he’s not about to let it go the other way. The fight ends quickly, with Oliver victorious. Brickwell is still the one laughing because the demon isn’t here. He’s on level two, where the worst of the worst are. Oliver isn’t that kind of person, so how is he going to get there? Well we know that Oliver will do anything for his family, so he stabs a bunch of guards in order to get sent to level two. Brickwell lets him know that the only way out of level two is through the morgue. It will be interesting to see what level two looks like. Is the demon someone the Green Arrow has faced before? I hope we see some more familiar faces while Oliver is in prison.

Diggle and Lyla are doing really well working together. They always did enjoy the thrill of the job. Diggle and Lyla are in Switzerland with Curtis working to get intel on a bank that plenty of criminals use. They get the data, but Curtis realizes that someone made a copy of the data. Lyla tells Diggle that it’s not what he thinks. She stumbled onto something big, a lot of money changing hands. No one would listen to her, so she’s going off book. We didn’t really get any more information, so only time will tell what Lyla has found.

Editor's Rating

Arrow is continuing to bring the action. The scenes with Silencer are probably my favorite as they are just so interesting, especially for a show that relies on a lot of sound during their fight scenes. With Oliver going deeper into the prison system, it feels like it will be that much harder to get him out. Diaz is slippery enough to just get by once more, and now he has this mystery compound. Diaz takes the compound and now has super strength, which is only going to make him harder to catch. And with Watson contained to a desk in DC, who’s going to help Team Arrow?
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