Supergirl “Ahimsa” Review

At the DEO, Brainy and Lena work to clear the atmosphere of kryptonite, while Alex deals with the consequences of being the new director of the DEO. Agent Liberty is still looking to incite fear in humans, and Fiona’s fiance comes to town.

Supergirl is still in the suit provided by Lena. It’s the only thing keeping her alive. The suit was awesome, and the effects were pretty great while Supergirl was inside. I did think it was odd that the mask was completely black. We couldn’t actually see through the helmet to see Supergirl’s face. When she wakes up, Supergirl is scared and confused. She has to stay in the suit until the atmosphere is clear. She wants to help fight, but the suit needs all of its power to keep her alive. One false move, and Supergirl could die. Plus, the President isn’t too happy with Supergirl putting the DEO in jeopardy and has a very one sided conversation with Director Danvers.

J’onn is still trying to find his friend Fiona, and he’s angry. After seeing Agent Liberty at that rally with all of the extremists, he wants to keep fighting. Alex reminds him that his new path is important. After a frustrating day, J’onn comes home to find a man in his apartment. He warns the man not to mess with him, to which the man laughs. It turns out this man is Fiona’s fiance, Manchester Black. He’s looking for Fiona, and J’onn just might be able to help point him in the right direction.


Meanwhile, Agent Liberty and the Graves’ siblings are onto their next mission, even though Supergirl is still alive. They have a DEO agent steal a parasite from one of the DEO sites. It’s not looking good how easy it is to turn these agents. With this parasite, Agent Liberty is able to control aliens. He took a couple aliens to control while he was at the DEO site. They send one of these aliens in to a police station to essentially terrorize the good people trying to protect National City. Supergirl tries to help save the day; instead, the alien gets the best of her. The suit is having trouble protecting her, and Alex has to save her. Thankfully, Manchester Black and J’onn come to help, and they have an idea what’s happening when the alien says one word to Manchester, “Ahimsa.”

Manchester Black recognized the Hindu word for nonviolence, as it was something that Fiona used to say to him. She was the one who taught him a different way, as Manchester grew up in violence. In London, once his friends found out that she was an alien, he told Fiona to go to the states where she would be safe, or so he thought. At this point, Manchester and J’onn are realizing that Fiona is alive, and Agent Liberty is using her telepathy along with the parasite to control other aliens. It is Agent Liberty’s intention to show humans how dangerous these aliens can be.


Now that Guardian is no more, James has been quietly going about his life at CatCo, that is until Supergirl wasn’t around to save the day. James wants to help by going out as Guardian despite the threat of prosecution. Even Nia Nal talks to James about not going out. She reminds him that what they do is important at CatCo, and if he went out as Guardian she just has a feeling that something bad would happen. James reminds her that heroes go out and fight no matter what.

So when Agent Liberty sends his aliens to the National City fair, Guardian comes to help out. Agent Liberty uses the aliens to incite fear in humans. By attacking closer to home, he hopes to turn every human to his side. Thankfully, Lena and Brainy work to find a way to get rid of the kryptonite in the atmosphere. Brainy is distraught and is even caught crying out of frustration and fear for his friend. He reminds Lena (and the audience) that he isn’t a robot, despite his high intellect. He has feelings just like everyone else. They come up with a method to send nanites into the atmosphere to vacuum out the kryptonite. It takes a while, but the atmosphere is finally clear and Supergirl is back to full strength.

Editor's Rating

Supergirl is back, and I’m glad we don’t have to have her inside that suit anymore. They also answered the question of what happened with the doppelganger. It appears that they had her in a lead box until the atmosphere was clear. She only asks if they can start training again. Manchester Black and J’onn get to Fiona long enough for her to say goodbye before she dies. She asks Manchester not to be angry, but I think we know that he’s about to go after Agent Liberty for killing his fiance. Somehow Guardian avoids prosecution, but is there more to that story? And why is the media attacking him? Alex is going to continue to face challenges as the director of the DEO, now that the President has sent some oversight. With the addition of Manchester Black, I’ll be curious to see how long he stays and if he turns from anti hero to villain.
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