Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Alas, over four years since its announcement, Square Enix solidly confirmed that the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming and it does look amazing! Shown during Sony’s expeditious, “State of Play,” we received the first look of the remake for the beloved franchise.

And for those that prefer the Japanese voices:

The trailer, while coming in at just over a minute, shows off a wide-variety of characters, some of which were a surprise. We get to see Cloud, Aerith, Barrett, Sephiroth and more characters from the hit classic. The big omission, and whose name we saw during the battle splices, is Tifa. The trailer ends with the tease of more information to come in June.

Are we finally at a place where we can actually call the FFVII Remake an actuality? Yes! This actually exists! It feels like this could be a Q4 release and be the perfect way to drive system sales as the new releases peak out of the horizon.

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