Doom Patrol “Danny Patrol” Review

I feel like I keep saying this, but Doom Patrol’s “Danny Patrol” may have been the strangest episode yet. We see Agent Wilson headed onto Danny Street in a strange town in the middle of nowhere. The town seems to know Agent Wilson, as the leaves in the road spell out “Welcome Friend.” And just as Agent Wilson is about to enter a show, the town disappears with the agent still inside. The rest of his team watched as their colleague is swallowed up whole.

Enter, the Doom Patrol. A cake arrives from Danny’s cakes. Danny Street should be in Springfield, Ohio, but Vic can’t find it on a map. Someone there might know something about Niles, so Vic and Larry go searching for Danny Street. When they find the town, it seems like the town is talking to them. They soon realize that Danny is the street; the street is alive. Danny takes in the outcasts of the world and keeps them safe. But Danny is in trouble. Someone is trying to hunt down Danny Street and ruin their little world.

The Bureau of Normalcy is a group inside of the DoD, Department of Defense, who are trying to take out Danny Street. Agent Wilson was one of theirs before Danny Street took him. But when Vic and Larry look closer, they realize that Agent Wilson found his place on Danny Street. He chose to stay and protect Danny from the Bureau of Normalcy. When Larry hears who is after Danny, he wants nothing to do with this mission. Larry knows who the Bureau is, and let’s just say he isn’t a fan.


Back in 1963, Larry is taken by the Bureau and used for experiments. They were trying to harness the radioactive energy inside of him. It also sounds like they wanted to use Larry during the Cuban Missile Crisis. When the Bureau tries to harness the radioactive energy, the spirit emerges and kills the Bureau people trying to harm Larry.

Larry loses his fight once he learns that the Bureau is after Danny. Agent WIlson, or should I say Maura Lee Karupt, explains that Danny Street survives when the residents are having fun. If the party stops, then Danny’s heart stops. For a moment it looks like Larry is going to start singing, allowing Danny Street to thrive. His show brings the people together! And then the dream is dead; Larry was only imagining the performance. I do tip my hat to Matt Bomer who put on a heck of a performance for Danny Street even if it wasn’t real.

Danny decides that it’s time to stand up to the Bureau. They are all tired of running, and the fear is killing Danny Street. The residents of Danny Street come together to face off against the Bureau. The lead agent is shocked to see his former partner as Maura Lee Karupt, but Agent Wilson is finally able to be who he wants to be. Larry tells the Bureau that Danny Street is off limits and that Captain Trainor says hello. The Bureau eventually leaves, but is this the last that we’ve seen of them?

While Danny Street was one of strangest characters we’ve seen so far, Crazy Jane lets out another equally strange personality. The new to us personality, Karen, calls Rita to tell her that she’s having a little thing at Doug’s place. Rita understands immediately that Karen has come back. Karen is obsessed with rom coms from the 90s and is hopelessly in love with a man named Doug.

Cliff and Rita attempt to get Jane back, but Karen is here to stay if she has anything to say about it. Karen is so happy to see her best friend, Rita, but Cliff creeps her out. Cliff stays outside of Doug’s house, while Rita tries to ask Karen to slow down with Doug. Instead, Karen proposes to Doug. His family is furious because they don’t like Karen, but don’t worry, Karen can fix this. It appears that Karen has a power of influence and was able to turn the whole thing around. Now they’re ready for a wedding!

While Cliff is waiting patiently outside, we get one of the best scenes so far. He has a robot dance off with a kid in a robot costume. No explanation needed, just pure joy. When Rita doesn’t think that Karen should go through with the wedding, Karen brings Rita under her spell as well. Karen asks Cliff to walk her down the aisle and tries to influence him, but it doesn’t work. Cliff doesn’t want to allow Karen to be married unless she gets permission from Jane. Jane does come back out, but she is nonresponsive. Well, I guess the wedding is off?

Editor's Rating

It seems to be getting easier for the Doom Patrol to work together. There are still some bumps in the road. Vic is getting tired of trying to make people heroes, specifically Larry. But Larry is just tired of having other people tell him who he is. They are all afraid of not getting Niles back and what that would mean for the Doom Patrol. With Jane in a catatonic state, what’s going to happen to her personalities? Doom Patrol continues to deliver interesting, strange, and fun episodes.
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