Final Fantasy XIV Online Surpasses 16 Million Players Worldwide

Square Enix MMORPG has hit a new milestone as of today of having 16 million registered users worldwide. While Final Fantasy XIV did not start off on a very good foot as Square Enix did have to relaunch the entirety of Final Fantasy XIV. Its definitely a big achievement with the game’s current numbers, no other game has ever had a major comeback like Final Fantasy XIV has had. Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has revealed some new details on the upcoming expansion during the producer livestream today, including:

  • Details on battle system changes, including the introduction of the charged action system.
  • Updates to the FATE system, side quests, as well the addition of role quests.
  • Adjustments to job synergy and rebalancing of jobs
  • Various quality of life changes and UI updates

The new expansion is titled ‘Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ which is releasing on July 2nd on The Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and MAC. During the stream we also got some footage of the new jobs in action and new abilities for all the jobs and can be seen below.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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