No Man’s Sky Beyond Trailer Released

Hello Games is putting so much effort into No Man’s Sky and it is showing.  Check out the latest trailer for No Man’s Sky biggest update yet titled ‘Beyond’. Now including the long awaiting VR mode for both PSVR and PC VR and new social aspects added to the game to make the world feel like a complete connected experience.

Players can now meet up in the Nexus which will be a Social Hub, which you can interact with players all over the world and join up with them in their journeys. Something else you’re able to do is show off your ship, you know the one you been working on for hundreds of hours. Oh and we have finally rideable animals this update has it all. As stated by Hello Games “This is an incredibly important update for us, but it’s also just another step in a longer journey, and we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future.”

No Man’s Sky Beyond update launches on August 14th and will be available for Free on Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox one.

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Jose Estrella

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