Dual Pixels Radio #39: It’s a Cult Classic

 Dual Pixels Radio #39 runs the gamut of all things gaming. We discuss what we’ve been playing, which includes the absolutely amazing sci-fi action game, Control by Remedy. We delve into the Lion King and Aladdin Collection leaks and attempt to determine how much this will truly move the needle. Sony (finally) buying Insomniac is discussed in how this will impact both Sony and Insomniac. Finally, we delve into the big games from Gamescom including Death Stranding, Avengers and Dying Light 2. Sit back for all the fun.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

Hey guys! I’m Jose the second half of Dual Pixels and co-host of DPR. I enjoy fighters more than any other genre because I grew up playing them when I was a wee-lad. Looking forward to the future of gaming and more Spider-Man! Come on Sony you can do it.

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