Pennyworth “Cilla Black” Review

Pennyworth is a little bit more dim without Esme, but Alfred is determined to find her killer. After the assassination of Julian Thwaite, the No Name League and the Raven Society are no closer to a truce. Both the country of England and the United State government have an agenda, but who will prevail? Plus, Martha finds herself in a predicament when she agrees to babysit Patricia Wayne. 

Now that the leader of the No Name League is dead, Thomas Wayne is asking too many questions. He goes to Dave Boy and Alfred with a theory. He seems to know exactly what happened, but Alfred doesn’t care. He just wants to be left alone. Thomas did leave Alfred with an interesting question. Why did John Ripper want to kill the leader of the No Name League? We saw that he was with the wife, Undine Thwaite, but what else is in it for him? 

Thomas decides to take his suspicions up to the top, the CIA station chief. Thomas ponders whether the US Government had a hand in killing Julian Thwaite. Then he wondered why Mrs. Thwaite wasn’t also killed, unless the plan was for her to always take over. The new plan is to continue with negotiations for peace. If they can’t get Frances Gaunt and the Raven Society to agree, then Thomas Wayne is supposed to kill Gaunt, personally. Thomas does not seem comfortable with this assignment, but he will comply if necessary. 


Thomas accompanies Mrs. Thwaite to the meeting, and she and Frances Gaunt come to terms for peace. They agree to call their thugs off the streets and continue to stop the bloodshed in London.  This means that Thomas doesn’t have to kill Frances Gaunt. It seems like Thomas isn’t used to violence, and I doubt he has ever killed anyone. I would honestly be shocked if he ever has to kill anyone or commit many acts of violence throughout the show. Eventually Alfred will be a protector to Thomas Wayne, but it’s going to take a lot in order for these two to get along.

Alfred has been distracted with one thing and one thing only, finding Esme’s killer. John Ripper owes him a name, the name of someone who will know Esme’s killer. John Ripper tells Alfred to go see Baroness Ortsey at a hospital. What Ripper doesn’t say is that the Baroness is locked up in the hospital because she swears she’s a witch. Alfred is skeptical and doesn’t want to keep wasting his time with her. The Baroness tells Alfred, “When the moon is full, bring me a rose and the left hand of a murderer.” Alfred scoffs at her, but she believes that he’ll come back. 

Alfred gets his job back at the nightclub, and it isn’t long before he’s fighting with a customer for refusing to pay his bill. When they “take things outside,” the man pulls a machete out of his jacket. Alfred ends up getting the machete and proceeds to chop of the man’s left hand. When it falls, Alfred sees a rose lying next to the hand in a puddle that just so happens to show a reflection of the full moon. Looks like Alfred is going back to the Baroness. 


Alfred is just desperate enough to go back to Baroness Ortsey. This time, he makes sure to sneak in without any supervision. The Baroness asks Alfred about his dreams. Alfred should have guessed that she was going to put something in his tea. He starts to dream and sees the jungle. Then he goes through a door where he’s with the Baroness and his mother. Eventually he keeps seeing a man in uniform, a captain. This man was the one who we saw fumble his weapon, causing Alfred and his friends to snicker and laugh. It seems that this captain has had it out for Alfred ever since. 

Meanwhile, Martha Kane gets an interesting house guest. When Patricia Wayne comes back to London, Thomas needs to find someone to babysit her. And who better than Martha? Martha is slow to agree, but eventually she gives in. I expected them to have a boring night in, but Patricia wants to go to a party. The party is hosted by Aleister Crowley, a supposed warlock. After awhile, Martha is ready to get them out of there; yet, she can’t seem to find the way out. It’s not until days later that Martha wakes up in the middle of nowhere, and without any clothes. What happened to her? And where is Patricia?

It’s official. Bet is coming back to London, and she’s bringing Lord Harwood and sister Peggy. Lord Harwood has finally started to remember who he is. It’s all coming back after he sees the Prime Minister on the TV. The Prime Minister is the one who tortured Lord Harwood, and he’s ready for some payback. He asks Bet and Peggy to come with him because he’s going to need some friends. Peggy is hesitant, but Bet is clearly ready to get back to London. 

Editor's Rating

Alfred tells Bazza and Dave Boy about his suspicions of Captain Curzon being behind Esme’s murder. Alfred tracked him down, but the only thing he finds is a note on the door. The note says that the captain is glad that Alfred knows the truth. I am very curious about this Captain Curzon and why he is so keen on making Alfred’s life miserable. Are there more instances of embarrassment? What else happened in the jungle? Pennyworth is still providing amazing drama, even without Esme around. Alfred no longer has someone to soften him, and I miss his sense of humor. I’m still greatly enjoying the setting of 1960s London and am always ready for more.
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