2K Reveals Mafia Trilogy Re-Release

2K wasn’t about to let all the other publishers showcase what they have to offer without pulling the ace up their sleeve. They teased details of the Mafia  trilogy by reanimating Mafia’s twitter account, and the Microsoft store subsequently leaked out even more details. 

Check out the teaser trailer below: 

Here is what we know before 2K does an all-encompassing reveal on May 19th. Most details and images coming from the Microsoft Store leak.

Mafia 1

  • Purported to be “re-made from the ground up.”
  • Release Date: August 28th

Leaked screens from the Microsoft post: 

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Mafia 2

  • Noted to be “Remastered in stunning HD detail.”,
  • Release Date: No direct source indicating a release date

Mafia 3

  • Since the game is a current gen game, I can’t imagine there will be much more than bug fixes and maybe a slight up-res
  • Release Date: Release Date: No direct source indicating a release date

Note: It is possible for the trilogy to all come out at once, around the 28th mark, but just as possible for them to release the other two games upon completion.

After looking over the leaked info, the wording from the leaks does make it appear that you will be able to buy these separately. Maybe something like $20 per or $60 for the package or thereabouts. It’s currently unclear how this will impact those that already have the three games via a digital service. They might follow the footsteps of the likes of the Bioshock collection and simply upgrade the games to be that version for free. 

Check back for more details on the Mafia trilogy on May 19th.

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