The Gig Economy Meets Firefighting in ‘Embr’ on Early Access

I remember when I was a kid, as many kids did, I wanted to be a firefighter. Not necessarily all that unique, but hey, you got to ride in a sweet firetruck! Alas, Muse Games brings that childhood dream alive in their latest title, Embr: Uber Firefighters… albeit, with a couple hilarious twists along the way. 

Check out the early access release trailer for Embr, below:

Muse Games blends the gig economy with fighting fires. Imagine….smoke starts billowing through the bedroom door. Panic ensues. Whip out your phone and post on the Embr app for help.  Yes. Just like someone would for an Uber, but a bit more life-dependent. There you are. The player, looking for ways to score money and it just so happens that you need to save someone from a burning building. Are you a trained firefighter? Nope. How hard could it be? This aspect of an amateur doing a highly critical task was one Muse wanted to explore with Embr.

“With Embr, we set out to shine a satirical light on the gig-economy – not in terms of the people making those deliveries and driving those taxis, but rather the companies at the top powering this particular brand of venture capitalism and deregulation,” says Howard Tsao, Team Lead at Muse Games. “On a gameplay basis, we also wanted to see just what mayhem would occur if the untrained masses headed out with a hose and tried to put out fires in the same way people deliver take-out or drive people around in makeshift taxis. The end result is just as fun and frenetic as we thought it would be. It just makes you appreciate what a difficult and almost impossible job real-life firefighters do.”

Judging solely off of trailer gameplay, it doesn’t take long for hilarity to ensue. With a variety of upgrades and tools, scaling buildings, smashing down doors and attempting to save clients seems to be a hilariously  fun-filled day of work. 

Embr is in Early Access on Steam and Stadia today, May 21st.  

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