5 Things to Watch on Netflix During the Pandemic

Whether you’re looking for a movie, a long tv series, or a quick miniseries, Netflix has got you covered. With most of us spending more time at home, here are five shows to check out on Netflix.


If you’re a glutton for punishment, try this limited mini series from the CW about a mysterious viral outbreak in Atlanta, GA. Don’t worry, the virus and the show are nothing like our reality. Their virus is actually much more deadly and only centers around Atlanta. Containment showcases a handful of characters both inside and outside of the eventual cordoned zone. You’ll be rooting for Jake (Chris Wood) and Katie (Kristen Gutoskie), a cop and teacher, respectively, who both got stuck inside the cordoned zone. Jake’s boss on the outside, Lex (David Gyasi)is trying to navigate the world of politics while also keeping his city Safe.

At the end of the day, Containment is about people surviving and working together. With 13 episodes, it is the perfect binge with just enough story to satiate your craving for drama, and it will also give a satisfying conclusion at the end of the limited event.

The Umbrella Academy

If you missed season one of The Umbrella Academy, now is the time to watch. Netflix just announced that season two will release on July 31st. The Umbrella Academy is about seven siblings all born on the same day from different mothers. Years ago, 43 women gave birth to children, but none were pregnant when the day began. Eccentric entrepreneur, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, adopts seven of these children, six of whom possess powers.

The Hargreeves children are all grown and on their own, but they are about to return home after news of their father’s death. Of course, his death is not the only thing that will bring the kids together. The apocalypse is coming, in exactly 8 days, and only the Umbrella Academy can save the day. The Umbrella Academy is action packed and hilarious even with the impending apocalypse. Season one sets up the world of The Umbrella Academy so well, and I can’t wait to see what else we get to explore in season two.

Dead to Me

If you want to see Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini at their best, watch Dead to Me. Applegate plays a widow, Jen, whose husband was killed in a hit and run. Cardellini plays Judy who is also dealing with a loss and a terrible secret threatening to ruin her life. The two women meet at a support group and despite their opposite personalities, they find comfort in one another. The show will have you laughing and crying and rooting both for and against these characters. It’s a show that gives much more than you expect, diving into the complicated emotions that come with grief.Netflix just released season 2 of Dead to Me, which means there are now 20 episodes to consume. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes, which makes it easy to watch in between all of your new hobbies during quarantine.

Code 8

In 2016, Stephen and Robbie Amell released a short film called, Code 8. They wanted to make a feature film of the same name and decided to crowd fund the entire movie. Almost four years and $3.4 million later, you can watch the finished version on Netflix. Code 8 features a world where those who possess powers are running scared and living in poverty. Connor Reed (Robbie Amell) falls in with the wrong crowd when he looks for less conventional ways to raise money for his ailing mother’s medical treatments.

Code 8 showcases a few different types of powers; although, electric is probably the best portrayed on screen. The gritty factor of Code 8 is a big departure for both Robbie and Stephen Amell, but you won’t even notice once the movie begins. Robbie Amell really shines in Code 8, and I can’t wait to continue to see more from him.

The Sinner

Are you looking for a good mystery? Check out The Sinner, a USA Network anthology series. Each season debuts a new mystery with new characters. The only character to overlap seasons is Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman.  Season one features Jessica Biel playing Cora Tannetti, a woman who stabs a fellow beach goer to death for no apparent reason. Season two features Carrie Coon as Vera Walker and Elisha Henig as Julian. Julian has allegedly killed a couple who were about to take him on a trip. His mother, Vera is hiding many secrets that connect Harry Ambrose with his old hometown friends.

Season three is set to come to Netflix on June 19. Season three features Matt Bomer as Jamie. Jamie has just been involved in a suspicious car accident, killing his passenger. With The Sinner, there is always more than meets the eye. The best part is that you can watch the seasons in any order. At eight episodes per season, The Sinner is the perfect mini-series to binge.

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