Stargirl “S.T.R.I.P.E.” Review

Stargirl keeps the momentum going with “S.T.R.I.P.E.” Picking up right where the previous episode left off, Pat comes to Courtney’s rescue and takes her away in his robot. Pat built that robot after Starman died, but this was the first time he used it. Unfortunately, Courtney left something behind after fighting Brainwave, her school ID. The ID was badly charred, but Brainwave isn’t exactly going to let it go. 

Once they are safe, Courtney and Pat discuss her going up against Brainwave, alone. Pat tells Courtney that this is the end of the road for her and the cosmic staff. He had no idea that part of the Injustice Society of America had settled down in Blue Valley; otherwise, he would not have brought his family here. Courtney is ready to go after Brainwave for killing her father, Starman, but Pat continues to insist that Starman is not her father. Besides, Icicle, the leader of the Injustice Society, is the one who killed Starman. Pat also warned Courtney against letting people know that she can use the staff. He tells her how they wore costumes to keep their identities safe. Of course, Courtney takes this to mean that she needs to make a costume, with a mask naturally. 

Pat doesn’t want Courtney to be involved in any of this, but teenage girls are not known for falling in line. Courtney takes Starman’s old costume and is lucky enough to find an empty classroom with sewing machines. The girl has skills, so she fashioned a new costume, while simultaneously breaking all of the sewing machines, oops. 

Pat Dugan in front of his robot

Meanwhile, Brainwave goes to someone he trusts, William Zarick aka The Wizard. Brainwave tells The Wizard that there’s a young girl who can use the cosmic staff. He doesn’t want her to ruin their purpose in Blue Valley, a “New America.” The Wizard just seems to want Brainwave out of his house. Brainwave has another mission, aside from being a jerk to his son. He asks his son to read his mind. When it doesn’t work, he’s just frustrated. His son seems to have no idea why his dad is asking these weird questions. Does Brainwave think his son inherited his powers? 

There’s an open house at the high school, and both Brainwave and Courtney realize this is the perfect time to figure each other out. Courtney sees Brainwave first, but he hears her say his name. He finds Courtney and tells her to bring him the cosmic staff or he will kill her mom. He also hears Courtney think about Starman, so she says that he is her father. If Starman isn’t her father, it’s definitely going to confuse a lot of people. When Courtney tells Pat about Brainwave, he makes her stay home. He takes his robot to confront Brainwave, without the cosmic staff. 

Courtney actually listens this time and stays home. Her mom comes to tell her how happy she is to see Courtney and Pat getting along. She lets Courtney know that her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Barbara tells her daughter that she only wants her to be happy, and Courtney only wants that for her mom as well. That’s when she knows she has to go defend Pat. 

Courtney Whitmore at a sewing machine

Courtney dons her Stargirl costume, hops on the cosmic staff, and comes to battle Brainwave. It was a fairly short fight scene, but the effects in Stargirl are spectacular. Just when you thought Stargirl had all but lost, she grabs the staff and points it directly at Brainwave’s forehead. It appeared to short circuit his mind and left him in a coma. Courtney is worried that Brainwave will die at her hands, but she is also grateful that he won’t be coming after her family. 

Editor's Rating

I knew I would like Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan, but we got some hilarious scenes with him this week. Pat decided to start going to the gym with Crusher. Larry “Crusher” Crock makes it his job to follow Pat around and smack bad food out of his hands whenever he sees it. He’s going to get Pat ripped if his life depends on it. Pat and Courtney are growing a wonderful new hero and sidekick relationship. Courtney tells him, “the staff chose me, and I choose you.” He can be her sidekick, S.T.R.I.P.E. also known as “Subatomic Tactical Robot Internet Pat Enhancer.” Okay, maybe Courtney isn’t the best at names either. We’re left with a few members of the Injustice Society coming together. Jordan aka Icicle is back; he already killed Starman. Now he’s ready to take on Stargirl. 
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