Stargirl “Icicle” Review

DC Universe’s Stargirl finally introduces us to the man behind Starman’s death, Jordan Mahkent aka Icicle. Icicle has returned to Blue Valley and is ready to confront Stargirl. He wants to continue the plan for his “New America,” a plan to make this country safer for their children. Of course, it’s ironic that he uses violence to carry out his mission. 

Eight years ago, Jordan had to say goodbye to his wife, Christine. Their son had to say goodbye to his mother. She tells him to always keep drawing after he hands her a picture he drew on her deathbed. Jordan is upset that an illness has taken his wife. He tells her that the world will pay for what it has done to her. At first, it seems she doesn’t want that kind of vengeance. Instead, she tells Jordan to continue his mission to fix the country and make it safer for their boy. She also tells Jordan that if anyone tries to stop him, to destroy them. 

Fast forward back to present day, Courtney is ready to take on the Injustice Society. She feels like she finally fits in Blue Valley, like she finally knows who she is. She has a three part plan to take care of Icicle and company. Find Them. Surprise Them. Kick Their Asses. That seems simple enough, but Pat knows just how dangerous the ISA can be. He doesn’t want Courtney to go after Icicle at all; he wants her to just be a normal boring teenager. 

Pat and Courtney at the JSA Headquarters

Brainwave is still in a coma, and his son has been by his side. Henry was woken up from a nap when a paper cup near him moved. Did Brainwave’s son subconsciously move the cup, or is Brainwave waking up? With Brainwave out of commission, the rest of the Injustice Society must take care of the new Stargirl. Jordan goes to see William Zarick to talk about Stargirl. Zarick reminds Jordan that he’s the one who took care of Brainwave, got him to the hospital and out of his costume. Jordan doesn’t seem to care. He tells Zarick that he only stumbled into his powers and never took the time to fully develop them. 

Trying to be a normal teenager proves difficult for Courtney. She’s still struggling to find friends at school. Joey Zarik (William’s son) performs a magic trick for Courtney. The card trick actually goes awry, but Courtney is kind enough to pretend that it worked, especially with a bunch of kids watching. But Courtney wasn’t the only one who noticed the trick didn’t go as planned. Later, Courtney sees that a girl’s locker was tagged with the word, “slut.” She tries to offer help, but the girl wants nothing to do with her. The same boy who saw the magic trick later paints over the graffiti, a kind gesture that Courtney figures out, when she sees him drawing in his notebook during class. He introduces himself as Cameron, and it seems Courtney might be finding some friends. 

On her way home from school, Courtney finds a frozen star in the middle of a park. Knowing that it’s a message from Icicle, she goes to find her sidekick. Pat doesn’t want Courtney to go after Icicle. He knows that she has no idea how dangerous Icicle really is. Courtney, and the staff, agree that they are going to go with or without Pat. Pat reluctantly goes, but STRIPE is frozen within minutes of arriving at the park. Just as Icicle is about to take out Stargirl, Pat is able to get his rocket fist to launch Icicle away. 

When Icicle lands on a nearby bridge, he schemes a much more sinister plot. Icicle freezes the bridge just as the local school bus is coming across. The bus slides on the ice and almost plummets into the lake. Pat is able to get his robot there in time. Joey Zarick sees STRIPE just as Courtney uses her staff to create a light so bright, protecting STRIPE’s existence. Once the bus is safe and Pat and Courtney are out of harm’s way, they assume the immediate threat is over. Just when they underestimate Icicle, he uses his powers to get Joey out from behind the bus and in front of an approaching truck. The truck isn’t able to stop on the ice and kills Joey Zarick. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. 

When William Zarick is overcome with grief, he grabs his wand and heads straight to see Jordan. After all, who else could cause the bridge to become frozen? Zarick begs for Jordan to tell him it was an accident. Jordan doesn’t waste another breath on Zarick and kills him right there. These writers sure are keeping us on our toes. The danger is definitely real, and Icicle isn’t about to let anyone stand in his way, even his allies. Oh and the sweet boy in Courtney’s class who drew the flowers over that girl’s locker is Icicle’s son, Cameron. I really hope that he stays good.

Editor's Rating

This was easily the darkest episode of Stargirl yet. I was completely sucked in from the moment the episode started. I loved seeing the evolution of Icicle, and they really made him as sinister as can be. Now that Courtney sees the danger, she knows that they need help. After Pat shows her the JSA’s headquarters, she gets a great idea. If she is the new Starman, then why couldn’t there be a new Dr. Midnight or a new Hourman? Because of Joey’s death, Pat doesn’t want to keep going with the superhero business, but Courtney realizes that this is the reason that they have to keep going. Courtney takes the JSA’s most prized possessions without Pat’s permission and is ready to start recruiting. I can’t wait to see the new JSA start to take shape.
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