Stargirl “Wildcat” Review

Stargirl continues to bring a smile to my face with “Wildcat.” After last week’s dark episode which revealed supervillain, Icicle, this week’s episode brought us a new hero in the making. So far I’m enjoying the slow reveal of both the Injustice Society as well as the new age of the JSA. 

Three months ago, Yolanda Montez was a normal teenage girl. She had a family that loved her and was running for student council against mean girl Cindy. Plus, she had a boyfriend who made her happy in Henry King Jr. It wasn’t until Henry asked Yolanda for a lewd photo that everything went downhill. Believing she could trust Henry, Yolanda sent some photos, and we all saw where this was going. Mean girl Cindy (I can’t help calling her anything else) got her hands on the photos and sent them out to the entire school. Yolanda’s normal teenage life was officially over. 

Stargirl and Wildcat on their first mission

Courtney continues to come to Yolanda’s aid when Cindy bullies her, but Yolanda doesn’t want any help. Courtney sees her boxing by herself and wonders if Yolanda could find a place in her new JSA. Courtney tries to find common ground with Yolanda. She tells her that she blew up Henry’s car, hoping that the enemy of her enemy is her friend. Yolanda knows that she made a mistake sending the photos, but it seems that Courtney is the only one who puts blame on Henry. She immediately tells Yolanda that he shouldn’t have shared them. It’s this notion that I think changes Yolanda’s mind about Courtney. It seems for the first time someone isn’t judging her for something that involved more people at fault. She asked Yolanda to dinner, but it’s not that simple for Yolanda. 

At home, Yolanda’s family can barely even look at her. They are no longer a happy family. Both her home and her school life imploded, yet Cindy and Henry walk around as if they have no blame. Yolanda actually tries to ask her mom if she can go to Courtney’s for dinner, but her mom says that she’s grounded “until I say so.” Typical. Yolanda does what any teenager would do; she sneaks out of the house. Courtney is excited to show her superhero costume and wants Yolanda to put on the Wildcat suit. When she comes out, the catsuit has a terrible fit, since it was previously intended for an adult man. But, in superhero fashion, the suit is magic and perfectly forms Yolanda now. I would guess that this means the suit and Wildcat have accepted a new owner of the moniker. 

Pat Dugan talks with Mrs. Zarick

The two newly minted superheroes go out on their first mission. But wait, what are Wildcat’s powers? Time to consult Wikipedia. In hilarious teenage fashion, they head to the internet to figure out what Yolanda can now do as Wildcat. These scenes were probably my favorite. Both Brec Bassinger and Yvette Monreal brought the genuine childlike joy to discovering Wildcat’s powers. After telling Yolanda about the Injustice Society and Brainwave, Yolanda wonders if they should see who has been coming to visit Henry Sr in the hospital. The two new superheroes find themselves in a few precarious situations, but at the end of the day their plan works. They see Principal Bowin visit Brainwave after visiting hours and without signing in, and she plays him a song on a violin. Strange. Leave it to new superheroes to get caught. They don’t know it yet, but loner Beth Chapel saw Stargirl and Wildcat scaling the side of the hospital. She even heard Stargirl say Yolanda’s name. I always wanted Beth to join the new JSA, so I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before she gets some new friends. 

After their adventure, Yolanda says that she can’t be Wildcat. For months, she’s been afraid to be herself. She was ashamed to be Yolanda Montez when the photos came out. She’s not ready to put on a costume before she can be happy being herself again. But, being Wildcat for a night gave Yolanda enough confidence to stand up to her family. She apologizes and asks for their forgiveness. Unfortunately, her family just won’t understand. They tell her that she can never be the Yolanda Montez that she was, and she has brought disgrace to their family and herself. While this is horrible to hear, the only silver lining is that Yolanda is ready to don the Wildcat cowl again. Looks like Courtney has found one more member of the new JSA. 

Editor's Rating

This may have been my favorite episode yet of Stargirl. While the episode focused on Courtney and Yolanda, we still got a peek at Icicle and the Injustice Society. Dr. Ito aka Dragon King came to offer to help build something for Project New America. Also, Mrs. Zarick needs help with her car and brings it to Pat’s garage. She warns Pat not to trust the town, and later, Pat sees her car abandoned at a junkyard. Looks like Jordan is still cleaning up. Stargirl is a joy to watch, and I was glad to have a bit more of a lighthearted camaraderie style episode.
Jordan Mahkent aka Icicle in his kitchen
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