5 Characters I Would Like To See In Street Fighter V Season V

After Capcom’s big news about expanding the Street Fighter V roster once more, it got me thinking about who would be the best final candidates for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter has a whole list of brawlers that many fans know and appreciate. I would even go on to say that Street Fighter is one of the only Fighting Games that wouldn’t need guest characters from other game companies. Here is who I think would be the best characters to add to Street Fighter V Season V.

1. Rose

First up is Rose. After rumors of her making an appearance nearly every season within the Street Fighter community, I think this is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce her. Now that we have Menat, who is her understudy, it’s time for Capcom to show off what the master can do.

I can see her become a power house with new psycho powers, while still utilizing her retro moves. Honestly, I would like for them to keep her Ultra Sham wow Scarf we are all used to seeing. Overall, Rose would be a perfect addition Season V.

2. C.Viper

C.Viper, the seismo tossing queen., would be a great addition because she is one of the most well-liked new comers in Street Fighter IV. Her gameplay was unique, and Street Fighter V can certainly use more technical play styles.

One of my concerns with C.viper showing up would be a reduction to how her moves are performed. Going by how some of Juri’s basic special moves became a V-Skill with downgraded qualities, would Viper’s move-set share that same fate? Beyond that, we have to look at the bright-side with C. Viper by her inclusion adding more variety into the game.

3. Yun & Yang

The brothers Yun and Yang should be characters in Season V. And yes, I mean both of them. I think it should be a throwback to how they were first introduced as palette swaps. But let’s take it to the next level. You have the option of selecting Yun or Yang depending on what V-Skill or V-Trigger set you choose.

This means that they would be the first set of characters that have one character slot and one set of a V-Skill and V-Trigger. To make things more cohesive, their Super move would have both of them in it. Kind of like how TMNT’s specials are done in Injustice 2.

4. Sean

Another great addition to the cast would be Sean. Capcom can further expand Sean’s move-sets by making a few tweaks for Season V. I would like them to go through Sean’s Hadou potential. In Street fighter V, his V-Skill can be basketball throwing, but while it doesn’t do much damage, it can be used to bait opponents.

To make this more interesting, his V-Trigger would light them up in a Hadou energy providing more damage and better arcs to throw. I can see him play as Ed, simple buttons making Sean easy to play but hard to master. He is also one of the characters we have seen already within the Street Fighter V assets, so Capcom should be able to make this one a reality.

5. Akira Kazama

Akira Kazama is a pretty important character, and one I think Capcom should go with full steam ahead. Akira would be a great addition to the cast, and also would make the world of Street Fighter grow in many tangible ways. Street Fighter V already features cast members of Rival Schools in one of it stages, but it’s about time we get more representation from Rival Schools. Off the bat, Batsu would be a good representative but he has already made his debut in another VS Game. It’s time for someone else to shine.

Akira would be bringing something different, and she hasn’t been pushed since the original Rival Schools. Her move-set should contain both masked and unmasked moves. In doing so, they can create Akira to be a little older, as Rival Schools definitely has taken place before Street Fighter V going by Sakura and Karin appearances. Her super move should be a double team move featuring her last classmates of Project Justice, Zaki and Yurika. This can also be a testing ground for a Project Justice Sequel.

Bonus: Kyo or Iori

This one is a wildcard and would honestly be awesome, but like I mentioned, Street Fighter wouldn’t need a guest character from another fighting game I.P. But, if I were to include a guest character, I would love to see Kyo or Iori from The King of Fighters series.

These two would benefit graphically from their KOFXIV counterparts. It would be interesting to see what V-triggers and V-Skills these two would have. They have all the room for creativity and even new gameplay mechanics we could see in Capcom vs SNK 3.


With this being the last five characters added to Street Fighter V, a list like this would get me excited for the future of Capcom Fighting Division. Who would you like to see enter the Street Fighter ring? Leave your comments below. We will have more info on Street Fighter V Season V later on this year, so stay tuned.

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