Stargirl “Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite” Review

Stargirl introduces us to “Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite.” To take on the Injustice Society, Courtney knows she has to keep recruiting new members. And if Courtney thought it was difficult to get Yolanda on board, she’s in for a whole other experience with Rick Harris. Plus, the new Dr. Mid-Nite is not quite what Courtney expected. 

Nine years ago in Blue Valley, Rex Tyler aka Hourman knew that the Injustice Society is after him, so Rex and his wife leave Blue Valley and their son, Rick, behind. Rick Tyler becomes Rick Harris and lives with his Uncle Matt, who becomes his pseudo-father. Unfortunately, Rex Tyler and his wife don’t get very far. Their car is driven off the road by Solomon Grundy, killing Rick’s parents. Of course, Rick was old enough to understand that his parents left him with his Uncle, who resents the kid for ruining his life. I guess Rick’s mother had way too much confidence in her brother. 

Courtney and Pat haven’t been working together on the superhero front for a little while now. But, Pat does trust her enough to warn her about the Zarick family presumably being killed by the ISA. Courtney trusts back and tells Pat that she saw the school principal in Brainwave’s hospital room. She said that she was playing the violin in a super evil way. The Fiddler was part of the ISA, but Pat says that it was a red headed Irish man, not Principal Bowin. At school, we do see a glimpse of the janitor, a red headed man who sounds like he could be Irish. I highly doubt that’s a coincidence. 

Matt and Rick Harris in Stargirl

Courtney is with Pat when his car breaks down; don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on Courtney. She actually wonders if Pat knows how to fix a car. Rick Harris is walking by and can’t help but note that it’s probably his alternator. Rick’s father taught him all about cars, and he has been working on repairing Rex Tyler’s yellow ‘66 Ford Mustang. He mentions this to Pat, who recognizes the car immediately. Afraid to let the Justice Society artifacts out of her sight, Courtney has been carrying them around in an enormous “gym bag.” The hourglass starts to glow, essentially calling to Rick Harris. Now, Courtney understands the importance of this kid too. If only Pat and Courtney were actually working together on this. Instead, they both keep this information to themselves. 

Courtney follows Rick, but of course he thinks she’s crazy. She shows him the hourglass, but for some reason it isn’t glowing. He blows her off. Looks like it isn’t going to be as easy to recruit him as it was with Yolanda. Meanwhile Beth, after overhearing Yolanda and Courtney at school, goes to her house and starts snooping until Courtney comes home. With the help of the family dog, Beth finds Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles and naturally puts them on. Dr. Charles McNider starts speaking to Beth through the goggles, like Google on crack. When Courtney gets home, she’s frustrated that Beth put on the goggles. But, the goggles seem to want to communicate with Beth. Besides, she’s not about to take them off now. 

Beth Chapel with the Dr. Mid-Nite goggles

Reluctantly, Courtney brings Beth along while she and Yolanda look for Rick. They bring the hourglass in hopes of getting him to join the new JSA. Rick takes the hourglass and activates it. Now he has super strength for an hour, but he isn’t exactly interested in being a hero. He runs away from Courtney and Yolanda and wrecks his Uncle Matt’s car. When the girls find Rick again, he’s at the scene of his parent’s “accident.” Dr. McNide has Beth use the goggles to show Rick that his parents’ deaths were not caused by a car accident. They were murdered by the ISA. After learning this, Rick decides that he’ll join the new JSA, but he’s not interested in justice. He’s only looking for vengeance. 

The Injustice Society has been fairly quiet lately, but it looks like they are making moves. The Gambler, Steven Sharpe, is working with Principal Bowin. They stop truck drivers, and Bowin uses her violin. It seems like she can control them somehow. When the other truck driver is fighting it, The Gambler shoots him dead. What is so important about this truck? Plus, the ISA may be getting a new member because Henry Jr is starting to develop powers. He has been getting headaches and even read Yolanda’s mind, hearing her call him a jerk. 

Editor's Rating

I really don’t have enough great things to say about Stargirl. There are plenty of superheroes gracing television and movies, but there’s something different about this show. Even with the saturated market, Stargirl is like a breath of fresh air. I do hope that Pat and Courtney start working together again. Pat knows that Courtney took the JSA artifacts, and after seeing Matt’s truck, he knows that Rick has the hourglass. Rex Tyler sent files to Pat before he died, so I wonder if we’re going to see more about that in later episodes. It’s too early to say what other heroes or villains will join the Stargirl cast, but I can’t be the only one itching to see the Green Lantern on screen again. 
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