Marvel’s Avengers Gets Confirmed PS5 Next-Gen Upgrades

As we get ready to go into the Next Generation of consoles. Many are wondering if we are going to see major improvements coming from our PS4 and Xbox One Games. Square Enix is hearing us out, as both platform manufacturers have always let developers decide if they needed to update their games for any improvements.

Developers Crystal Dynamics are giving us a bit more details on what those improvements are going to be for the PlayStation 5. Players can expect Marvel’s Avengers to utilize the extra power that the PlayStation 5 has. You have the option two modes you can select to take advantage of power.

If you want the best image quality and graphic effects at native 4K resolution you can choose the Enhanced Graphic Mode. Now if you want a even more fluid gameplay experience you can enjoy Marvel’s Avengers at 60 frames per second at a Dynamic 4K resolution.

Another boost you will get on the PS5 is the use of the ultra fast SSD making load times completely non-existent. Without optimization there was still a huge increase in how your loading into Marvel’s Avengers. With the optimization it makes the loads time non-existent, but also improve the overall experience for example stated by Gary Snethen Chief Technology Officer, Crystal Dynamics ” as Iron Man flies through content-rich levels, higher resolution textures and mesh will stream in instantly, maintaining the highest possible quality all the way to the horizon.”

Marvel’s Avengers releases September 4th on the PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. No word yet on Xbox Series X specific updates, but Square Enix will announce plans soon to launch. Tomorrow Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will show the long awaited look at War Table multiplayer. So stay tuned.

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