Stargirl “The Justice Society” Review

“The Justice Society” showcases Stargirl’s new team of superheroes. But are they ready to take on the Injustice Society of America? Plus, the ISA introduces two new members, Sportsmaster and Tigress. Their names may seem silly, but Stargirl is so great at showcasing fight scenes that I forgot all about the silliness of their names or costumes. 

Sportsmaster and Tigress are introduced as very involved parents to their daughter, Artemis, the star of the football team. Artemis has a bit of a temper and ends up punching her teammate when he’s mean to her. The football coach benches Artemis. Unfortunately, he doesn’t fully understand who her parents are. They don’t take any chances and kill the football coach, apparently their third coach within a short amount of time. Jordan seems annoyed, but he just tells them to be ready for a mission. Does anyone in this town realize that these people are going missing? I guess ignorance is bliss in Blue Valley. 

Pat decides to confront Courtney about taking the JSA artifacts. He thought they were in this together, but neither of them have been acting like it. Even though she has started to form a new team, Pat tells her to get all of the stuff back. Unfortunately, her new friends have grown fond of their identities. Yolanda thanks Courtney for picking her as Wildcat because she has a chance to reinvent herself. It’s the first time she’s felt hopeful in ages.  Beth has found a great friend in Dr. Mid-Nite or as she calls him, Chuck. Beth tells Courtney that she’s never met anyone who listened to her like Chuck does. 

Yolanda and Beth in the cafeteria

After Courtney tells Pat that Rex Tyler and his wife were killed by Solomon Grundy, Pat decides to reconnect with Rick. He tells Rick that he knew his father. He gave Rick one of his father’s journals. They think there’s some sort of code in the entries, but no one can figure it out. Courtney attempts one more time to take back the JSA artifacts, but everyone pushes back. They question why Pat gets to make that choice. Rick shows the group his father’s journal, and not even Dr. Mid-Nite has any clue what the gibberish means. 

Dr. Mid-Nite picks up on something else, a hack initiated by Steven Sharpe aka The Gambler. The ISA has broadcast equipment, but they need satellite codes as part of their plan for Project New America. They are concerned because they need Brainwave to complete their plan. Little do they know that Henry Jr. might be the one they need. The new JSA decides that The Gambler is their best chance at nabbing a member of the ISA. He’ll be the easiest to catch because he’s just a hacker; The Gambler has no physical powers. 

Courtney realizes that they are going to do this with or without Stargirl, so they decide to try and catch The Gambler. Dr. Mid-Nite leads them to the source of the hack, but it’s not The Gambler who’s there. Instead, they find themselves face to face with a much more aggressive duo, Sportsmaster and Tigress. Instead of listening to Courtney, everyone splits up. Hourman goes after Sportsmaster, and Wildcat battles with Tigress. The new JSA has no idea how to fight or work together, but these two clearly have history. The fight scenes are always awesome, and the team behind Stargirl made a character named Sportsmaster look pretty sinister. Thankfully, S.T.R.I.P.E. came to save the day because the new JSA members were not making progress. Also, I’d like to note that no one tried to stop the hack, so the ISA got what they came for, the satellite codes. 

Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore

Back at the garage, Courtney is pissed that the group wouldn’t listen to her. Pat can’t help but see the similarities in what he’s been doing with Courtney this whole time. They are both trying to keep the kids safe. Finally, Pat realizes that they don’t have a choice but to adopt this new JSA. Now, it’s time for them to train, so they can defend themselves and work together. It’s the only way they will stand a chance against the ISA. 

Jordan and Cameron haven’t been a big part of these past couple of episodes, but this was a tough day for them. It was Cameron’s mother’s birthday. They went out to dinner, and the waitress thought they meant it was one of their birthdays. She felt bad, but they accepted the slice of cake anyway. It was surprisingly a sweet father and son moment. When Cameron went to blow out the candle, his breath appeared to be pretty cold. Are all of the ISA members’ children inheriting their powers? 

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