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Dual Pixels Radio #47: Cyberpunks Assemble

We have another jam-packed episode for you with Dual Pixels Radio #47. We start the episode off with some thoughts from Jose about The Last of Us 2 and why he claims it as the game of the generation. Joey talks about his first journey through Final Fantasy 7 (with 7th Heaven 2.0 mod manager) and Kind Words, a game that’s about sending kind words to anonymous people within the game. Rob ends us off with his thoughts on Sekiro.

We then dive into just how massive The Last of Us 2 sales truly are, to the tune of four million sold in just three days. Next, we spar over Shawn Layden’s comments on ideal game length and are quite divided on the topic. Finally, we touch on the two big previews of the past week, Avengers War Table and Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Wire. Sit back and enjoy!

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

Hey guys! I’m Jose the second half of Dual Pixels and co-host of DPR. I enjoy fighters more than any other genre because I grew up playing them when I was a wee-lad. Looking forward to the future of gaming and more Spider-Man! Come on Sony you can do it.

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