Xbox Game Showcase Event Set for July 23rd

Microsoft has come out and announced the Xbox Game Showcase Event, which we slightly knew about but now there is a set date. Microsoft will be showing off what their first party studios have to offer for the Xbox Series X. You can expect more Halo Infinite as that is going to release closer to the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Things not to expect are more details on the “Lockhart”. The rumoured cheaper alternative console to the Xbox Series X. When it comes to the “Lockhart”, Microsoft is not looking to make any price reveals or hardware announcements as the focus will be on more games. We should expect hardware and pricing later in August.

Coming from the current perception of their first Xbox Series X games event, were we got to see what third party and indie developers are working on. This Xbox Game Showcase Microsoft is ready to blow us away. You can catch the Xbox Game Showcase on July 23rd 9AMPT streaming on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Also the pre-show with Geoff Keighley on Youtube Gaming.

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