Stargirl “Shiv Part Two” Review

Stargirl continues the introduction of Cindy Burman’s alter ego in “Shiv Part Two.” The members of the JSA are understandably frustrated with Courtney’s injuries from Shiv. They realize that one of her parents must be part of the ISA, but they don’t know which member it could be. 

After Stargirl’s unfortunate battle with Shiv, there are going to be questions as to Courtney’s injuries. Pat has that covered, with a fake car accident. Barbara is out of town with Jordan Mahkent, but she promptly leaves to come back to her daughter. Jordan had left their dinner to go visit an old friend. This “friend” turned out to be one of the men responsible for his wife’s death. He didn’t stand a chance against Icicle. How many more people will Jordan blame for his wife’s death?

Pat is worried about Courtney. He wants to tell Barbara about Stargirl, but Courtney doesn’t want her mom to take it away from her. Courtney feels like her actions were justified because she found out more about the ISA in Blue Valley, but Pat tries to make her realize that her life is worth more than a little bit of information. Courtney asks Pat to wait until it’s safe in Blue Valley before they tell her mom. 

An injured Courtney Whitmore rests at home

Cindy talks to her dad about finding Stargirl. When her father asks if Stargirl is dead, Cindy just shrugs and says probably. Dr. Ito sent someone to collect her body, and it wasn’t there, so clearly, Cindy didn’t complete the job. Cindy wasn’t supposed to use her costume until after her graduation, and she took her father’s staff. He isn’t too thrilled with her going off book. Dr. Ito wonders if Cindy will ever get a seat at the table now that she messed this up. 

Rick, Beth, and Yolanda are starting to realize how real all of this JSA stuff is. Rick wants to take out his frustrations on Cindy, but Beth and Yolanda know they need a solid plan. Cindy has training, so they need to work together this time. Beth wants to figure out who Cindy’s parents are before they start anything, so she develops a fact finding mission. 

Once she knows that Cindy isn’t home, Beth goes to her house pretending to need cheerleading lessons. When Pat sees her, he runs to the door with her, now pretending to be her adoptive stepfather. Cindy’s stepmom is the only one home and lets them in. Beth starts snooping with the Dr. Mid-Nite goggles. She ends up in the ISA tunnels, and thankfully is scared back into the house. 

Meanwhile, Cindy goes to see Courtney after hearing about her accident. Courtney is obviously confused, but Cindy apologizes for her behavior and offers her a box of chocolates. I found it hard to believe that Cindy would have no idea who Courtney was, and I was right. Before leaving, Cindy lets Courtney know that she knows exactly who Stargirl and her new friends are. Courtney tries to get a hold of the rest of the JSA, but they aren’t answering, and Pat and Beth are still inside Cindy’s house. 

Beth finds a photo of Dr. Ito in CIndy’s bedroom. He’s a war criminal who was executed in 1947. So far, they can’t assume that a dead man is Cindy’s father, so instead, Beth takes the photo with her and narrowly escapes before Cindy arrives back home, with a little help thanks to Hourman and Wildcat. Of course, no one told Courtney that they were safe, so she goes after Cindy as Stargirl. 

Stargirl and Cindy are fighting in the streets, when Henry King Jr. drives up. He’s confused by the scene which causes him to have a headache. Earlier, Henry started to discover his powers, testing out his telekinesis to use the key in his dad’s desk to uncover the Brainwave costume and what appears to be a bunch of videos. Henry gets overwhelmed when Courtney and Cindy can’t stop thinking. He has an outburst which sends them both flying. Dr. Ito’s minions come to take Cindy away, and the Dragon King himself has had eyes on the fight the whole time. He now knows that Henry inherited his father’s powers, which means that Project New America no longer needs Brainwave to recover. 

Editor's Rating

It’s hard to not like an episode of Stargirl. “Shiv Part Two” wasn’t quite as stellar as the first part, but I thoroughly enjoyed the advancement of all of the characters. The Dragon King threatened to remove his hood in front of Cindy, and she seemed visibly scared. What is under that hood, and will we see it? Pat didn’t say anything yet to Barbara, but will she know who her daughter is by the end of the season? If anyone could shed some light on her father, it’s Barbara. And in good news for Stargirl fans, Stargirl has been picked up for season two and will be moving to the CW. With many DC Universe shows being available on other streaming services, it’s easy to wonder if DC Universe will continue with any original content. At this point, I’m just excited to keep seeing more Stargirl and hope that the move to the CW doesn’t affect the show.
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