Watch Dogs: Legion Gameplay Trailer & Release Date

Ubisoft Forward provided a nice, lengthy gameplay segment for Watch Dogs: Legion. In it, they provided an overview of how you will recruit your crew and the plethora of ways you can attack each mission. 

The mechanic of being able to add anyone into your crew and play any mission as them is certainly ambitious. From the looks of those they did show, it appears as if there will be actual variety in the gameplay based on who you decide to use. A variety that far exceeded my initial assumption. From a soldier to a construction worker and even to a…grandma? Watch Dogs is certainly one to look out for as there isn’t really much like it out there right now. 

Check out the gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs from Ubisoft Forward. 

Watch Dogs: Legion is set to release on October 29th.

It is confirmed to be available for Xbox Series X (Via Smart Delivery), Xbox One, PS4, Stadia and PC. PS5 was notably not featured in the logo at the end of the trailer, but I’d have to imagine it will be a cross-buy title as well.

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