Stargirl “Brainwave” Review

Stargirl lets us see the early days of Henry Sr. in “Brainwave.” Henry Jr. learns more about both his father and his powers. Courtney wonders if there’s a chance to recruit Henry to their side, but the rest of the JSA isn’t convinced. If the JSA doesn’t get to Henry first, the ISA is ready to pounce, now that they know Henry has his father’s telepathy and telekinesis. 

When Courtney connected with Henry, she could hear his thoughts, and she felt what he felt. Henry felt scared and alone. She believes that they can still recruit Henry. Pat and the rest of the JSA are worried about trying to go after Henry. They know he’s a grade A jerk for what he did to Yolanda. What makes Courtney think he can change? Beth is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but Yolanda and Rick aren’t about to let him into their group. The only problem is that they don’t realize the ISA wants to use Henry for their New America. 

Meanwhile, Henry has been doing his own soul searching. Now that he has experienced a fraction of what he can do, Henry searches for more answers in his dad’s hidden Brainwave room. Henry starts with the tapes and realizes that his dad got his powers because of experiments he performed on himself. In the beginning, Brainwave was timid testing out his powers, until a man tried to mug him in the hospital parking lot. Brainwave ended up killing that man, and he was relieved afterwards. His migraine was gone, and his trial test was a success. He continues to dictate stories of murder and the relief he felt afterwards. It’s as if Brainwave would kill in order to feel better. 

The JSA in a heated discussion

Pat eventually concedes that Henry could help them figure out what the ISA is planning. He originally hoped that the ISA came to Blue Valley to hide, but it’s clear that if Dr. Ito is here, the ISA must be planning something. Courtney goes to Henry in the hospital, to explain to him who his father is. All Henry seems to hear is that Courtney is the one responsible for his father’s condition. Courtney believes there’s good in everyone, and people just want to love and be loved. Brainwave had another theory about people; he said, “at their very core, people are monsters.” Now that Henry understands what it’s like to hear everyone’s innermost thoughts, he too believes that people are monsters and that the people his father hurt deserved it. 

Jordan Mahkent seems sad, and Barbara notices. He says that he always feels a little bit down after he has finished a project. It looks like he has finished his mission of killing everyone who had a hand in his wife’s death. Barbara ends up inviting him over for a family dinner, and you know it’s going to be awkward. Courtney and Pat don’t know who Jordan really is, but Courtney first notices Cameron when she opens the door. They never got to go to the homecoming dance, and their actions just remind us that they are awkward teenagers unsure of how to act in front of their parents. 

Henry King Jr and Courtney Whitmore at the hospital

As if this dinner weren’t weird enough already, Jordan’s parents come as well, and I don’t know if they spoke one word of English the entire time. At one point, Courtney offers to get more food from the oven, but she almost burned her hand on the hot dish. When she brought it to the table, Jordan grabbed it without a second thought. Courtney starts to put two and two together and wonders to Pat if he’s Icicle. It’s about time someone figured this out! 

Unfortunately for Courtney, Henry starts to understand the horrors that his dad saw in the human race. A lawyer comes to see Henry to get him to take his father off of life support. This would give the lawyer a nice payout, and thanks to Henry’s new powers, he hears everything. Henry ends up using his powers to kill the man, presumably in the same manner that Brainwave killed his first victim. At this, Brainwave awakens from his coma and asks his son what is going on? With Brainwave awake, what will he remember? Does he realize that his son has powers?

Editor's Rating

Stargirl is rounding out the season with the ISA ramping up to their Project New America. Dragon King’s device is ready for Henry Jr. They want to use the device to brainwash the surrounding states and eventually the country. The question is: what exactly are they going to brainwash people to do? Pat finally got his wish because they have to come clean with Barbara after she catches him and Courtney in the basement with the cosmic staff. I can’t wait until next week to see how that conversation goes. They also have to let her know that her boss is one of the Injustice Society members. It’s hard to tell what Stargirl will do in the final four episodes, but I’m hoping that we see more from Cameron. I think he’s the JSA’s best option as an ally and spy against the ISA.
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