Stargirl “Brainwave Jr.” Review

It’s time for Henry Jr. to step into his powers on Stargirl in “Brainwave Jr.” Now that Brainwave is awake, it’s time to see what all he remembers. After Barbara sees Courtney and Pat with the cosmic staff, she has many concerns, mostly whether or not being in Blue Valley is the best thing for her family. 

Courtney and Pat try to explain away the cosmic staff as no big deal. Courtney tries to say it’s a broom from Sharper Image. They do eventually explain it to Barbara, but she doesn’t want to hear about superheroes and supervillains. She also can’t believe that Jordan Mahkent could be involved in any of this. Barbara is at least skeptical. When Pat tries to win her back at her office, Jordan and his parents come in. It’s odd that they are there, but they offer cookies as a thank you for dinner. They also say some things in Norwegian, and Barbara does the smartest thing yet. She records their conversation, so she can translate their musings to one another. 

Beth, Yolanda, and Rick in the cafeteria

Henry Jr. has gone through quite a transformation throughout this season. We’ve seen Henry the bully, Henry the jock, Henry the doting son. Now, we’re seeing Brainwave Jr. Once his father wakes up, Henry realizes that his dad can’t remember the last 10 years. The last thing he remembers is his son’s sixth birthday and his wife’s death recently after. Going back to the tapes, he sees his dad in a new light. When Brainwave met his future wife, Mary, he was robbing a bank. He could hear all of her thoughts and was surprised that they were pure and good. She started to give him hope. Brainwave knew that Jordan would never let Mary get in the way of his mission. And then mysteriously, Mary drowned in a freak accident. 

The real kicker is that Mary, Henry’s mother, is Starman’s sister. Henry Jr. goes to see his father, believing that he still has hope. At the hospital, he sees Jordan in his father’s room. Henry wants revenge on Jordan for his mother’s death, but he has to be careful. Meanwhile, the cosmic staff wants to go after Jordan and Brainwave, but Courtney doesn’t want to get in more trouble with her mother. The staff goes after Jordan on its own and is immediately captured.

It’s at this point that Henry Jr. turns back to the good side. He believes that his Dad is worth saving, knowing that his mom gave him hope in humanity. He finds Courtney and shows her everything he wanted to say. Of course, she’s excited to blurt out that they are cousins, that is if Starman is her father. Courtney makes a plan then and there to bring Henry into the JSA. Yolanda and Rick aren’t ready to accept Henry. Yolanda decides to help just this once because Courtney will need backup, but she no longer wants to be Courtney’s friend. 

The JSA goes into the ISA tunnels looking for Brainwave and the cosmic staff. Rick and Beth break away from Yolanda, Henry, and Courtney. Henry finds his father and gets him out of Dragon King’s device. Courtney and Dr. Ito start to fight, but she doesn’t yet have her staff. Yolanda frees the staff just in time to briefly see the Dragon King without his hood. Yikes! As they are escaping, Brainwave wonders why his son would be helping the other side. He tells Henry that he was the one who killed Mary. He had to make a choice, and he’s not about to let his own son stand in his way of Project New America. This is probably the most gut wrenching scene so far. Henry gets his new friends to safety, but he can’t save himself. He tells Courtney that she was right; there is good in people. He asks her not to let this deter her from believing in humanity. Then, Brainwave crushes his son under rubble, presumably killing him. I’m going to hold out a tiny sliver of hope that he somehow survived, just because I really have enjoyed the evolution of Henry Jr. I would hate for his story to end here. 

Editor's Rating

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Stargirl has no bad episodes. Barbara now knows about the superhero and sidekick roles, but she is insisting that Starman is not Courtney’s father. Barbara goes so far as to email Sam Curtis, telling him that it’s about their daughter. A response came back, so now Courtney may have to face a hard truth. After seeing so much death and destruction, how is the JSA going to feel about continuing on? Jordan’s parents mentioned something about a machine, so now Pat and Barbara have a new mission. I don’t think Barbara is ready to be on board with Stargirl, but she has to admit that something is fishy about Blue Valley. Also, can someone just tell Mike already? Everyone else knows about Courtney! There are only three episodes left of this season of Stargirl, and I can’t wait to see how they leave our characters.
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