Dan, Akira From Rival Schools, and More Joining Street Fighter V Season V

Capcom has revealed what’s coming up next for Street Fighter V in their latest Street Fighter V Digital Event. The event highlighted the characters you will see coming into Season V and also some updates on the development.

First off the return of Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter Alpha series. Dan fighting style bring in his iconic taunts into the mix and was actually the only fighter shown at the moment as his arrival would be the soonest. You can check out some developer footage of Dan below.

Next up is Rose combining her soul power and tarot cards. Rose was one of the most requested characters to return. Here are a few words from the development team on what to expect. “Her fighting style was originally designed to have strong anti-projectile and anti-air attacks. Please look forward to how she has changed for SFV when she’s added to the game in the future! We also remember that the Soul Satellite was pretty strong back in Street Fighter IV, so please tune in for more information on that as well!

Oro from Street Fighter III is returning. He is a immortal hermit who uses one arm and one of the strongest fighters in the series. He will increase the challenge in Street Fighter V as he will now balance a turtle in his hand while fighting you.

Now for the big surprise Akira from Rival Schools will be joining the cast. This is the first time a Rival Schools characters joins the cast, as we all know that it is connected to Street Fighter in some way in this will cement it even more. Akira has faced off with Sakura who who did appear in Rival Schools: United by Fate. Here is a tidbit directly from the dev team: “We are currently developing Akira so that we utilize Rival School’s originality as well as incorporating new ways to play. We can’t wait to share more on how Akira’s playstyle will evolve for Street Fighter V! “

This final character hasn’t been announced yet and won’t get revealed until sometime next year. So we will have to wait and see. Capcom has also revealed the roadmap on when we can expect these characters and also new costumes, and even new gameplay mechanics.

Street Fighter V Season V Roadmap
Street Fighter V Content Roadmap

You can check out the whole digital event below and some of the new artwork for the characters joining Season V of Street Fighter V starting this winter.


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