Stargirl “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two” Review

Stargirl finished its freshman season strong with “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two.” The final showdown is here, but is the new Justice Society of America ready? The adults have already been affected by Brainwave and Dragon King’s machine, so the kids are going to have to fight back. They have a few surprises up their sleeves this week, and I’m already excited for what season two could bring to Stargirl. 

After Principal Bowin’s son hits his bully with his tuba, the football field opens up and out comes three massive satellites, ready to broadcast Brainwave’s mind control. When a girl on the street can’t get her dad to snap out of the trance, Jordan tells her that when the adults wake up they will believe all of the things they’re supposed to. He tells the girl that her dad will be a better person, to which she says her dad is already a good person. This is also something that the ISA doesn’t consider before trying to brainwash the entire population, plus the 25% of people who will die from the brainwash.  

Just as I questioned how the ISA was protected against the mass brainwash, Chuck tells Beth that they must have an ear piece that blocks the signal. Chuck and Beth realize that they can hear everyone in the tunnels because the ISA knows they are down there. If Dr. Mid-Nite can reactivate the signal blockers in the tunnels, then Pat and Justin will snap out of their trance. Chuck and Beth hold off the Gambler by attacking his money. Once Pat and Justin can join the fight, the JSA heads straight for the enemy. 

The Injustice Society of America

The fight scene in the tunnels was really well done. At first, each person in the JSA had a counterpart in the ISA. Justin tries to slay the dragon by going after Dr. Ito. Courtney takes on Icicle himself, but when Yolanda and Rick are struggling, she breaks away to help her friends. The JSA has finally learned to trust one another and fight together. So much happens in this one scene. Solomon Grundy gets out, which draws Rick away. But, just as Justin is about to be killed by Dragon King, he gets the surprise of his life. Cindy kills her own father, as penance for locking her up. Boy, this family has some issues. 

Yolanda goes after Brainwave, but she first runs into Henry Jr. Wait, has he been alive this whole time? I’m not going to lie; I fell for it. I was so excited for the hopes that he could be alive, but thankfully, Yolanda was skeptical. She realized that it was Brainwave influencing her. She saw through the charade and slit his throat. Did he die?! Yolanda tells Courtney that she knows it was wrong to kill Brainwave, but she felt that she had to do it. Courtney uses the staff to destroy the satellites. It seems that the fight is over; except, Jordan has taken Barbara hostage. 

Icicle still has a soft spot for Barbara even if he wants to kill her and her family. Pat gets there in time, but Jordan just laughs at him. Pat has no powers; how could he possibly expect to beat Icicle? Not to fear because Courtney isn’t far behind. She’s struggling against Icicle, and Yolanda saves her life when Jordan freezes the staff. But who should truly save the day? Mike. He runs over Icicle in the family’s truck. Someone please anoint him into the Justice Society now. 

With season two already confirmed, Stargirl set up new characters brilliantly. Cindy is searching through ISA files and pulls out a diamond shaped object saying that she has found Eclipso.  Is it safe to say that Stargirl has found its villain for season two? There was also someone else from the ISA who saw the aftermath of Project New America. He only says, “Oh Jordan, I told you it was foley.” The last new face is actually not new. Someone is looking for Pat in California, and it is none other than Sylvester Pemberton aka Starman. If Starman is alive, where has he been? Does the staff know that he’s alive? 

Editor's Rating

Stargirl has done an amazing job setting itself apart from all of the other superhero shows. There are no guarantees with the characters, and they clearly aren’t afraid to take risks. I don’t know what will change with Stargirl as it transitions to the CW, and I sure hope that the quality of each episode continues. Courtney and Pat’s relationship has been beautiful to watch, and when we see the good guys six weeks later, Courtney gives Pat the present she was supposed to give to her dad on Christmas ten years ago. It was a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, and Pat couldn’t have been happier. The Justice Society celebrates Christmas together, and it looks like they can enjoy some peace and quiet until new villains make themselves known in Blue Valley.
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