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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard news of WB Montreal’s Batman title, but DC FanDome came through with the premiere trailer of Gotham Knights

The Bat Family is taking center stage with the supposed demise of Batman himself, and the overarching threat of the Court of Owls. We get a nice look at the playable characters: 

  • Robin
  • Batgirl
  • Night wing
  • Red Hood

A tease of one of what will probably be one of the bigger villains, we get a nice long look at Mr. Freeze. Also, the game is playable in cooperative play. A vast departure from the previous Batman titles from the Arkham series. 

To the surprise of many, and not something we usually see from studios, DC provided a lengthy clip of gameplay. It’s rare for a game to simultaneously be revealed and be accompanied by a lengthy segment of in-engine gameplay. Check that out below:

Gotham Knights is set for a 2021 release with no information on which platforms.

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