Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Price Leak and Launch Date Revealed

It looks like the cat is out of the bag and we finally are pushing forward with next-gen. Microsoft’s long awaited Series S has been leaked. The leak proves that it does indeed exist in physical form. Up until now, there have only been rumors and hints at its existence. The Series S form factor is smaller than its bigger brother (Series X), but it looks to pack a similar punch.

Now the bigger news that comes with the leak is the price point coming from Brad Sams. We have been waiting patiently to see what price point either next-gen console would launch at, and the Xbox series X will (allegedly) be coming in at $499.99 while the Xbox Series S will be $299. Both systems are set to launch on November 10th. 

While no official statement has been made by Microsoft, we can expect to hear details soon as has become commonplace with big retail leaks in the past. This alleged price and launch date comes with convincing evidence of  what appears to be a promotional video showing off the sizes of both boxes from a twitter user name WalkingCat. It would be surprising if we didn’t hear from Microsoft confirming these leaked details.

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