The Boys Season Two Episodes 1-3 Review

The Boys season two has started to release on Amazon Prime Video. Initially, they released three episodes, with each of the remaining 5 episodes releasing every Friday. If you haven’t tried The Boys, I would highly recommend it. Plus, it has already been renewed for a third season. When asked how to describe The Boys, I’d have to say this: The Boys is bloody, vulgar, and brilliant. They manage to accurately capture corporate greed of the monetization of superheroes. And let’s not forget that the big corporation, Vought, is responsible for creating superheroes with their drug, Compound V. 

The Boys tackled so many big topics in the first season, so how are they going to show themselves up this time around? If you’ve finished episode three, you might already know the answer, and as always it’s as bloody as ever. First, The Boys looks into the aftermath of their Me Too story with The Deep. The Deep has been kicked out of The Seven and sent to Sandusky, Ohio. He’s not doing well in Ohio, until another superhero, Eagle the Archer, finds him and comes to his aid. Eagle the Archer has some experience with these struggles, and brings in Carol, who we assume is some sort of therapist. 

Hughie, Butcher, Mother Milk, and Frenchie

Initially, this seems like a great angle. Let’s talk about mental health and that it’s great to get help and talk to someone. But this is The Boys after all, so you know there’s a catch. Carol is a representative from The Church of the Collective. Oh boy. (By the way, as a Friends fan it was not lost on me that Carol is played by Jessica Hecht, whose character on Friends was married to a woman named Carol). Carol wants The Deep to learn to love all of himself, which includes his gills. She accomplishes this by drugging him, which in turn leads to The Deep having a conversation with his gills. Yes, it is as disturbing as it sounds. Once The Deep feels comfortable again, he goes to help Homelander and The Seven, in hopes that they will let him back in. Of course, all it takes is one comment from Homelander about his disgusting gills, and The Deep is back to struggling with his appearance. I appreciated that this body image discussion centered around men, and I doubt we’ve heard the end of it. 

Next, let’s talk about the newcomer, Stormfront. She’s brass and outspoken and isn’t afraid of Vought. She stirs up all sorts of trouble and for a minute, you’re cheering her on! Yes, push back on the reporters asking different questions of women than of men. She’s not ready to conform to the superhero Barbie doll that Starlight has become. And just as you’re about to call her your new favorite character, she goes off the deep end. Stormfront has a thirst for blood and killing. When Homelander tells The Seven that he will take care of the super terrorist, she doesn’t listen. She kills the super terrorist first, and he’s noticeably upset. She only tells Homelander, “You snooze, you lose.” It looks like someone is neither afraid nor mesmerized by Homelander. 

The Seven defeats this supposed super terrorist and destroys half of the neighborhood, while they’re at it. But have no fear, they’re here at a local shelter giving their thoughts and prayers to the community that was annihilated by superheroes. Stormfront takes center stage and is cementing her place not only as one of The Seven, but potentially as their new spokeswoman. Look out, Homelander. 

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar

Speaking of Homelander, he’s found himself in his own predicament. Now that he knows Becca birthed his child, he’s determined to be a family. Homelander has no idea how to act as a decent human being, so it’s already an abusive situation. Plus, Becca and Ryan aren’t exactly living in some wonderful suburban oasis. They are prisoners of Vought, living in a gated compound. Vought has promised to keep them safe from Homelander, but now that the cat is out of the bag, they claim their hands are tied. Homelander agreed to let Butcher live after he also discovered that Becca is alive, but Butcher can’t figure out how to get back to her. 

I mentioned the supposed super terrorists, and as we’ve learned, nothing is quite as it seems in The Boys. Homelander was the one who infected a bunch of “super terrorists” around the world with Compound V. In his mind, if he could prove to the United States Military that superheroes are needed to take out these supervillains (as Homelander wants them to be called), then they would be allowed to fight alongside American soldiers. Maybe the superheroes would have more responsibilities than just PR stunts and movies. The funny thing is that Homelander’s new boss at Vought, Stan Edgar (played wonderfully by Giancarlo Esposito), does not want to entertain Homelander’s extracurriculars. And he surely isn’t about to let Homelander intimidate him. He makes it clear that Vought is a pharmaceutical company, not a superhero company.

Editor's Rating

There are so many more things to discuss that were packed into three episodes, but we would be here all day. This show doesn’t waste a single minute of time, always throwing new twists and turns and adding plenty of shock value that wouldn’t belong anywhere but on The Boys. Hughie, Butcher, and company have been on the run now and are struggling to figure out their next moves. Hughie and Starlight are able to accomplish one big thing: they make public that superheroes are not born; they are made by Vought with Compound V. Now, Vought has to wrangle their heroes, deal with supervillains, and work on the PR for this scandal. With everything seemingly falling apart, I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season plays out.
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