The Falconeer | Hands-On Preview

There haven’t been many games in the aerial combat genre these days. The Falconeer is looking to get you invested with its gameplay and stunning visuals. The Falconeer takes you on the path with your Falcon around The Great Ursee where you complete quests and uncover the secrets of the world.

Controlling your Falcon is simple yet satisfying. The way your falcon soars feels great. Controlling your falcon is easy to learn, but hard to master. Diving down with your falcon gives you a boost so you can accelerate faster. Where it gets fun is once you start encountering enemy forces as they require quick mobility and precise timing. Your falcon is equipped with a Lancaster that holds lightning pots. You can use these to shoot down enemies. You recharge the pots by going into a lightning cloud. This is one of the things I found that breaks the flow of gameplay.

Many times I would go into a specific mission where I would have to defeat all the enemies. Now what I found odd was the balance on how these battles worked. If you run out of lightning pots, you have to search out those lightning clouds. In doing so, there are time you have to travel so far that you almost accidentally abandon the current mission.

While you do get different types of ammo instead of lightning, which you can buy at merchants, I’m surprised there isn’t any melee attack available. So far, the missions are varied enough to keep you interested. Escorting ships trying to get them into a new territory, taking out enemies, and delivering packages; which is my favorite out of those mission types. I would like to see what more is in store once The Falconeer releases.

The Falconeer was developed by one person, Tomas Sala. The feat in itself is incredible, and the art style is gorgeous. This is my favorite part of The Falconeer. The way everything looks takes it to another level. It creates a calming yet refreshing experience. The entire world around you shines, but nothing more so than the sky and the ocean. The way the ocean sways and how the light reflects off the cel-shaded style is awe-inspiring.

Flying around has never looked better. All the effects with the lighting and vistas encouraged me to fly around and explore the open-world. While exploring, I ran across areas teeming with life. From whales and schools of fish in the oceans to other Facloneers soaring through he sky, the world around you is truly alive.

As per the Falconeer’s performance, it is rock solid. I’m running every setting at max, and I’m getting 144 FPS. It’s buttery smooth outside of a few rare instances of frame drops. When there are drops, the frames quickly recover. This gets me excited for the Xbox Series X|5 versions of The Falconeer since the PC build is already running so smoothly. The Falconeer on Xbox Series X|S is a launch title and targeting 4k resolution at 6OFPS, and going by my performance, it’s definitely going to reach it.

The Falconeer launches November 10th on the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X |S. If purchased on the Xbox One, Smart Delivery is enabled so you can take advantage of the upgrades on the next-gen system.

PC Specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor
Motherboard: B450 Tomahawk Max
Ram: 16gb
GPU: Radeon RX 580

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