ScorpionOnceBitten 80%
10 Mar 2015

Call of the Wild | Scorpion “Once Bitten, Twice Die” Review

The Scorpion team is on the case in “Once Bitten, Twice Die.” Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia are in peace talks before a war breaks out, and they just so happen to be having these discussions on US soil. Cabe and the Scorpion team are brought in to help keep the

The Blacklist 90%
07 Mar 2015

All in the Family | The Blacklist “T. Earl King VI” Review

The Blacklist delivers more teasing and anticipation in “T. Earl King VI.” Here comes another highly dysfunctional family. We first meet the Kings after one of their auctions two years earlier on Jekyll Island, aptly named I might add. After the totals are tallied the winner is crowned. The loser

The Blacklist 85%
02 Mar 2015

Big Game | The Blacklist “The Deer Hunter” Review

The hunter becomes the hunted in The Blacklist’s “The Deer Hunter.” Raymond Reddington and the FBI Task Force are on the case of a serial killer who has murdered 12 people in over a decade. Lizzie even gives us the background of the case while she’s presenting the particulars at

ScorpionGoingSouth 90%
25 Feb 2015

Dancing in the Streets | Scorpion “Going South” Review

Scorpion’s seventeenth episode of its premiere season, “Going South,” takes our genius team down to Mexico. Walter takes a case from a prominent businessman. Richard Elia is a billionaire whose daughter was kidnapped by a drug cartel in Mexico. He paid a two million dollar ransom to get her back,

The Blacklist 95%
21 Feb 2015

Life in a Cult | The Blacklist “The Kenyon Family” Review

The Blacklist’s twelfth episode, “The Kenyon Family,” showcases everything that makes The Blacklist a hit show. We were treated to a very creepy polygamist cult led by Justin Kenyon. On his property, Kenyon had multiple storage containers for the criminals of the world. These storage containers mostly held a plethora

ConstantineWaitingForTheMan 90%
16 Feb 2015

The End as We Know It? | Constantine “Waiting for the Man” Review

Constantine delivered its final episode, “Waiting for the Man,” of its first season Friday night. There were definitely too many unanswered questions for this to be the end of Constantine. The actors have done such good jobs in portraying these characters that I would hate to see this be the

The Blacklist 80%
13 Feb 2015

Looking Out for No. 1 | The Blacklist “Ruslan Denisov” Review

The Blacklist’s eleventh episode, “Ruslan Denisov,” takes us to Uzbekistan. The episode opens with assumed criminals entering a church. They assault the priest who tells them that he is a simple man. The leader of the group scoffs at him, hands him a satellite phone, and tells him to talk

ScorpionLoveBoat 85%
10 Feb 2015

Rough Waters | Scorpion “Love Boat” Review

Scorpion’s Valentine themed sixteenth episode, “Love Boat,” is sure to have a lot of rocky moments. It all starts with a car jacking. Some criminals steal high tech shoulder launch rockets that have a range nine times the standard and is near impossible to deter once on its course. The

Constantine - Season 1 85%
09 Feb 2015

Constantine “Angels and Ministers of Grace” Review

With only one episode left until Constantine’s season finale, the twelfth episode, “Angels and Ministers of Grace,” leads us to yet again more darkness. First, a young woman named Taylor appears to be buying drugs before her brother’s funeral tomorrow. Moments before she takes the drugs, a monster of a

The Blacklist 90%
06 Feb 2015

Memories Fade… | The Blacklist “Luther Braxton: Conclusion” Review

The Blacklist’s tenth episode of their second season, “Luther Braxton: Conclusion,” will hopefully give us some answers about Lizzie and Red’s connection as well as close the door on the villainous Luther Braxton. The episode starts off with the aftermath of the missile strikes. The Factory is still standing but

The Blacklist 95%
02 Feb 2015

The Fulcrum | The Blacklist “Luther Braxton” Review

The Blacklist’s ninth episode, “Luther Braxton,” is a special episode airing after the Superbowl. The episode starts with our favorite criminal mastermind, Raymond Reddington being captured. Reddington is taken to a blacklist prison “somewhere in the Bering Sea.” Considering the FBI task force has no idea what he’s doing, there’s

Constantine - Season 1 70%
02 Feb 2015

If Looks Could Kill | Constantine “A Whole World Out There” Review

Constantine’s eleventh episode, “A Whole World Out There,” is essentially about kids being kids. A group of college students perform what looks like a séance at the beginning of the episode. They all have an out of body experience and end up in some house, all in different rooms. One