22 Oct 2014

Playing with Fire | Scorpion “Plutonium is Forever” Review

Episode 5, “Plutonium Is Forever,” starts with a man surrendering in the middle of the desert. The only words he speaks are to ask for Walter O’Brien. When Walter is brought in to see him, they share an awkward exchange. Walter explains that the man, Mark Collins, used to work

CBS _Cover
16 Oct 2014

CBS Joins The Streaming Trend

On the heels of HBO’s announcement of a streaming only service, CBS is joining the streaming game. For $5.99 per month, CBS is offering a streaming service called CBS All Access. CBS All Access is available today, and they are offering a free week long trial. With CBS All Access,

15 Oct 2014

Cord Cutters Unite, HBO To Offer Streaming In 2015

Could this be the start of an a la carte future? Starting next year, HBO will offer a standalone subscription that will not require you to have a cable subscription. For all the cord cutters out there, this is terrific news. In 2015, you will be able to stream your

The Blacklist
14 Oct 2014

It’s All In The Genes | The Blacklist “Dr. Linus Creel” Review

The Blacklist’s Episode 4 of Season 2 makes the best of us feel the need to look over our shoulders. Conspiracy Theorists are shaking their fists and saying “Aha!” This episode is about Dr. Linus Creel. Dr. Creel is conducting experiments on people who possess the extreme warrior gene. This

14 Oct 2014

What Happens In Vegas…| Scorpion “Shorthanded” Review

Episode 4, “Shorthanded,” starts with the team working on a Government case with Agent Gallo. Once they wrap up the case, they say goodbye to Agent Gallo before packing up to take a private case in Las Vegas. Although Gallo believes that they aren’t ready to handle private cases, Walter

11 Oct 2014

The Next Bond Movie Has Its Femme Fatale

No Bond movie is complete without its Bond Girl and the next film has landed a familiar face.  After the hugely successful Skyfall, Bond fans everyone are chomping at the bit for the next Bond film featuring Daniel Craig. Other than James Bond, the next big casting news is always

07 Oct 2014

A Family | Scorpion “A Cyclone” review

Scorpion opens up with what appears to be the team working with the military on a high profile case. Through bickering and panicking, the team causes hostiles to catch them. Luckily, this is just a training exercise, but the director of Homeland Security is less than pleased with the way

07 Oct 2014

Unprovoked Frisking | The Blacklist “Dr. James Covington” Review

The Blacklist starts the “Dr. Covington” episode with a man, Mr. Wyatt, at a cafe. When approached by another man, Mr. Wyatt runs into the street and asks for help from someone in a van. Proving that you can’t trust anyone, the man from the van drugs Mr. Wyatt and

30 Sep 2014

A Bank With Many Branches | The Blacklist “Monarch Douglas Bank” Review

One thing The Blacklist does well is that they constantly take us around the world to bring down criminals. Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler travel to Warsaw, Poland to go after number 112 on the blacklist, Monarch Douglas Bank. This is the first case where the target on the blacklist

30 Sep 2014

Biological Warfare | Scorpion “Single Point of Failure” Review

Scorpion’s second episode, “Single Point of Failure,” gives us a glimpse of what it was like for Walter O’Brien during his childhood. In school, young Walter answers a math question logically, but in his teacher’s eyes, he’s being disobedient. Before he can get a literal slap on the knuckles (with

23 Sep 2014

The Return of Raymond Reddington | The Blacklist “Lord Baltimore” Review

James Spader is up to his old tricks in The Blacklist. He’s still always one step ahead of the enemy even when there’s a bounty put out on him by Berlin. For those who didn’t tune in last season, we learned that there is a terrible criminal out there who

Scorpion Cover
22 Sep 2014

Scorpion “Pilot” | Review

Scorpion is about a group of geniuses who are being recruited by the FBI to assist on national security cases to save the world. I know what you’re thinking. This is the same procedural crime drama with different characters. In a sense, it is, but there are some reasons for