NHL 15
09 Jul 2014

The Next-Generation Hockey Player | NHL 15 Dev Diary

The Hockey season is rapidly approaching with a fast and furious free agency period well under way and EA’s first Next-Gen Hockey experience is right around the corner. During E3 2014 I got a hands-on with the game, which can be viewed here, and I was pleasantly surprised with the

08 Jul 2014

Fall Into Abyss Odyssey With This New Gameplay Trailer

Abyss Odyssey, releasing July 15 of this year, is a fantastical 2-D action side-scroller in the vein of Dragon’s Crown. In the game, you choose one of three characters and must fight through the abyss. But, each floor in the Abyss will be procedurally generated in both layout and difficulty,

Destiny Cover
07 Jul 2014

Bungie Opens the Sky With Beta News For Destiny

After the wildly popular alpha of Destiny a couple months ago, the only thing we wanted was more and we don’t have to wait much longer. The beta will be available for those that pre-order the game at participating retailers. The PS4 community will have first crack at the beta,

No Mans Sky
27 Jun 2014

Charting the Universe With Hello Games | No Man’s Sky Preview

No Man’s Sky is the game that we’ve all dreamt about. There is endless space to be explored at your leisure. Every player starts on a different, uncharted planet. The sense of discovery that is absent in games is Hello Games’ promise for its Sci-Fi exploration epic. The ambition is

25 Jun 2014

July PS+ Offerings Include Strider and TowerFall Ascension for PS4

After a strong E3 by Sony, they have just revealed a stellar lineup of Playstation Plus offerings for the month of July. The offerings are nearly identical to the EU offerings that were revealed a day ago, sans a switch of Muramasa for the NA and LEGO Batman 2: DC

Metro Redux
24 Jun 2014

Metro Redux Has Been Given An Official Release Date

Deep Silver has revealed that Metro Redux will be released on August 26, 2014 on PS3, XboxOne and Pc. Metro Redux is much more than a simple up-res and release, the games features all DLC, various graphical enhancements, especially for Metro 2033 and the ability to play each game the

19 Jun 2014

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 2014 Gameplay Released

Earlier today, Konami Station released a ton of information on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Included is a huge interview with Hiedo Kojima himself, as well as an entire mission, approximately 30 minutes long of the game. This information was previously only shown off at Konami’s booth at

18 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Sniper Elite 3 Hands-On Impressions

The Sniper Elite franchise is one that is acting as the flag-bearer of it’s specific genre. It’s sniper-action is swift and brutal, but it’s the sections in-between that kind of pulled the game down in past years. I had about a half an hour with the game and was able

14 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive Hands-On Impressions

Every studio has a calling card, and Insomniac has one of the most beloved of them all. When you think of Insomniac, the first thing that should come to mind is crazy weaponry. Throughout the Ratchet and Clank Series, and through the Resistance series as well, the weapons have always

Dying Light Cover Photo
14 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Dying Light Hands-On Impressions

As of recent years, zombie games have been resurrected and quickly put death with a dearth of games. Seemingly coming out monthly, they provide the zombie-killing brutality but with a severe lack of progression. But, after having played Dying Light, it’s safe to say that while you still have that

14 Jun 2014

E3 2014: The Devil’s Men Audio Walkthrough and Impressions | Daedalic Entertainment

Point-and-click adventure games have been around for many, many years. Some of the first games were point-and-click adventure games, and as you will soon see, there’s been a huge set-up from what point-and-click adventure games used to be. Check out the Dev walkthrough with Kevin Mentz and read below for

11 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Lichdom: Battlemage Exclusive Interview And Hands-On Impressions

E3 is home to a wide variety of games ranging from blockbuster AAA titles, to smaller Indie games. Rpg’s hold their own amongst the various genres, but the stand-out game is one that doesn’t have a huge presence on the show floor.Check out the interview below for an exclusive, in-depth