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15 Nov 2014

From the producer of Dredd comes Ex Machina

  Robots, cyborgs, and the possibility of computing and robotics of the future is all the rage these days. Teased late last month, Alex Garland has pulled the curtain off his movie, Ex Machina. The first trailer was released right at the tail end of October and offers a very

01 Nov 2014

One Last Ride, The Furious 7 trailer is here.

Family is everything, even when they turn their backs. They live, they breathe, they sacrifice. It’s been a challenging chapter for Universal Pictures and the entire team for the Fast and Furious franchise. One of the most wildly successful global phenomenons in human culture, the Fast and Furious franchise has

01 Nov 2014

Movie Review: Fury

“ Ideals are peaceful, history is violent.” Are the words Brad pitt utters halfway through the movie. Deep in enemy territory, remarking on his last years of fighting, he is a chiseled, grim instrument of war. He shows no remorse for the enemy and only has the most basic of

30 Sep 2014

TAKEN 3 First Trailer! Watch here!

It’s the final round for former C.I.A Agent Bryan Mills. He’s had his daughter taken, he has had his family taken. And now, the last thing to take may just be his life. Coming this January, the third installment of the critically acclaimed classic, Taken, comes for one last final

25 Sep 2014

Gameloft releases new game, Asphalt: Overdrive TODAY!

  Rev your engines! Gameloft, the cutting-edge mobile video game developer, has released its newest installment of its famed, stellar mobile racing franchise, Asphalt. Asphalt, known for exciting, high-speed racing action with exceptional visuals and licensed cars, has found tremendous success on the iOS and Android platforms, becoming a major

15 Sep 2014

Microsoft : We will continue to support Minecraft on rival platforms.”

        Despite the $2.5 billion dollar agreement to buy Mojang and the Minecraft IP, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer clarified that Mincraft was an IP for all audiences, a surprisingly generous move from a company notorious for seizing complete ownership to remain competitive with its competitors. Speaking to

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29 Aug 2014

Saint Row Returns This Winter!

They conquered the ‘hood. They conquered the city. They rescued Santa Clause. And they conquered the entire universe. But the party ain’t over for the 3rd City Saints. Johnny Gat has done many a heroic feat during his career. But there is one domain he has not conquered before: the

Metal Slug
28 Aug 2014

GO!—> GO!—> Metal Slug 3 is coming to all Sony Platforms

It’s time to mount up, load your ammo, and fight hundreds and hundreds of evil soldiers and insanely challenging bosses! The critically acclaimed and legendary side-scrolling shoot em’ up Metal Slug 3 is coming to all Sony Platforms this coming Winter. This includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

06 Aug 2014

Velocity 2X gets a release date

     It’s time to strap in and take off into the reaches of space once again. Velocity 2X, the highly anticipated seuqel to Velocity Ultra, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on September 2nd, 2014. The people at Futurlab studios in the UK couldn’t be more excited

04 Aug 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Review: A bold, exciting Frontier for Marvel and Disney

The Avengers may have saved the Earth. But who protects the rest of space? In Marvel’s long line of comic book superheroes, there has been a group of intergalactic bandits obscured from the spotlight of Nick Fury’s chosen force. They don’t wear suits of armor or wield shields. They are

22 Jul 2014

Disney unveils first full Star Wars: Rebels trailer

       Released just a few moments ago on the Star Wars Facebook page, Disney has unveiled the first full theatrical trailer for Star Wars: Rebels Star Wars Rebels comes from Lucasfilm and several of the creators of Emmy-award winning series, Star Wars: Clone Wars. Star Wars:Rebels takes place

26 Jun 2014

Legend of Korra game coming, Platinum Games making it

     One of the most widely successful anime series in recent memory, Avatar: The Last Airbender piqued the imaginations of millions with it’s incredible mythos, gripping action, incredible story, and clever humor.  Penned by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko , the show aired on Nickelodeon and was unlike anything seen at the time. The