New Deep Down Trailer Released To Commemorate Ps4 Launch In Japan

The Playstation 4 is finally out in Japan, and Capcom treated us with a new trailer containing some gameplay footage from its free to play title, Deep Down. At this moment the game isn’t slated to come to the West, but the trailer does feature an English VoiceOver. This leads us to believe that, eventually, the F2P title will make its way over.

Deep Down is an online dungeon crawler with combat that appears to be an amalgamation of the Souls and Monster Hunter Series. The game takes place in New York City in the year 2094, and your character touches artifacts to explore distant past events. Take a peek at the trailer, and leave us with your thoughts.

The beta for Japan was supposed to start this weekend to coincide with the release of the PS4 in Japan, but the game has been pushed back to an unspecified date. Deep Down is a PS4 exclusive.


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