First Ever Professional Amateur Tournament!

Whenever you hear there is a video game tournament event upcoming you’d probably immediately think “dam there is going to be a lot of professional gamers there”. Well all you casual gamers out there here’s your chance to get heavily invested in the pro gaming community. On September 8th, 2012 in Fort Lee, NJ the power house lan-center Local Battles will be hosting the first professional amateur tournament dubbed ProAM.

ProAM is a tournament event that will allow one professional gamer on a team of 3 amateur players. This unique set up is to test the overall skill and coaching ability of  the 16 professional gamers and to set the record straight on who’s the best pro in the Call of duty division. Each of the 16 pro’s will pick 3 amateur players that they feel best suit the needs of their individual teams. In order to qualify as an amateur a player must not have placed Top 16 during the Call of Duty: Black-Ops MLG season for more than 2 events, placed Top 8 during the Call of Duty: Black-Ops MLG seasons for more than 1 event, or earned more than $500 at a live event. The payout for this huge event will be a $3000 prize  for the winning team to distribute between each other at their own discretion.

If you’re wondering who are the pro gamers that will be attending this event and drafting for their amateur team here is the current roster.


















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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

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