04 Dec 2017

Hands-On Impressions: Indivisible Backer Preview

In October 2015, Lab Zero Games, makers of Skullgirls launched a crowdfunded effort for their game Indivisible. A game that was took inspiration from titles such as Valkyrie Profile, Super Metroid, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night; a 2D role-playing game with action RPG elements. Fast forward to today, and

29 Jul 2016

Injustice 2 Interview with Voice Actor Laura Bailey at SDCC 2016

The team over at Netherrealm Studios are doing everything they can to up the ante after the success of their DC fighter, Injustice! They are bringing out new super moves, movesets, a new armor mechanic, and most importantly, a slew of new characters. With her surge in popularity, mainly due

23 Jun 2016

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night E3 Demo Gameplay

Yesterday, Kickstarter backers got to taste a bit of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s gameplay. The demo was a pre-alpha build and was shown off at E3 last week in LA. As a backer, I was pretty happy with the game, though it’s not without it’s issues. It is certainly

16 Jun 2016

E3 2016: Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue Gameplay Showcase

From E3 2016, take a look at this gameplay showcase of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. The video shows off the HD version of 3DS game, Dream Drop Distance, as well as some parts of Aqua’s story in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 HD. The footage runs

13 Jun 2016

E3 2016: Full Sony Press Conference Replay

If by some random occurrence of events you missed Sony’s E3 press conference, never fear, the replay is here. I won’t provide any spoilers of the content revealed, so you can watch it in all of its glory. But wow, are you in for a treat. Check out the video

12 Jun 2016

EA Channeling Their Inner 2K, Adding Story Mode to Fifa

During EA’s pre-E3 presser, they revealed that Fifa will get a new mode similar to the  “MyCarrer” mode of the NBA 2K series. It is unclear whether each story will unfold with a player created character, but it seems you will have to take control of Alex Hunter. While I

08 Jun 2016

Watch Dogs 2 Info Blowout

As with every “week before E3,” info is being revealed left and right, and Ubisoft is hoping the sequel to its somewhat middling game can change courses on the next gen. Ubisoft is changing quite a bit for Watch Dogs 2 with a new hero, location and with further hacking

06 Aug 2015

Newest WWE 2K16 Details: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Wrestling video games. Where do I begin? The good? The bad? Or perhaps with the new details and gameplay published by IGN? Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007. It’s not the classics that many fans adore like No Mercy, but it is considered

14 Jul 2015

A Delightful Tale of Death and Freedom at The Edge of Space. | Lost Orbit Review

Death is a difficult story to tell. In fact, very difficult. So difficult, not many approach it. Death is a complete final act, filled with the processes of sadness, desperation, tragedy, and closure. Letting go of life with the fearful confidence of what happens in the unknown. To know that

07 Jul 2015

Arrowhead Studios Bringing Gauntlet: Slayer Edition to PS4

  Before HELLDIVERS, swedish-based Arrowhead Studios released a fully re-created version of Gauntlet, the legendary co-op action game which pit four players, each a different warrior, up against an army of evil, deep in the deadly dungeons. It is from this success that Arrowhead brings the experience to the PS4,

07 Jul 2015

HELLDIVERS: Masters of the Galaxy available today for all Sony platforms

  The highly-anticipated update to HELLDIVERS has arrived today. HELLDIVERS: Masters of The Galaxy is the newest update for the triumphantly successful HELLDIVERS, an ismetric twin-stick shooter known for it’s white knuckle gameplay, always on-friendly fire, and challenging levels. Having achieved victory in the fourth war,  the update introduces “master

02 Mar 2015

3-D Realms drops a big trailer on BOMBSHELL

Being bad-ass may change with the times but it doesn’t get old. 3D Realms, the makers of classic games such as Shadow Warrior, Rise of the Triad, and Duke Nukem have dropped their first gameplay trailer for their newest game, Bombshell. Bombshell is an isometirc, action-packed RPG set in a