Snap shot of the cutting-edge Ford Mustang from Need for Speed (2014), released this passed March to a good acclaim.
12 May 2014

Happy 20th Birthday Need For Speed!

Can you believe it? It’s been 20 years. A whole twenty years of racing. A whole twenty years of putting your foot down, roaring past your opponents and blinding speeds. A whole twenty years of beating your arch nemesis in a car so elegant, you will never afford it in

06 May 2014

Jungle Rumble Review: One Tap Forward and One Tap Back

Jungle Rumble, developed by Disco Pixel and released last Thursday on iOS and Android, is a two dimensional rhythm-based game where you as, “the Great Spirit”, control a plucky group of monkeys spurred on by their mystical leader to prevent bananas from being taken by a rival tribe, the nefarious

11 Apr 2014

Wharfedale Introduces Cobalt, Its First Bluetooth Speaker

Wharfedale, a British audio manufacturer, has introduced its first Bluetooth enabled speaker, Cobalt. Cobalt gets rid of the tedious docks smartphone docks bundled into some manufacturer’s speakers but gets us right into the music thanks to Bluetooth technology. Convenience is key here; Cobalt is embodied by a glossy piano black

SmartGPS 5390
27 Mar 2014

Magellan’s SmartGPS 5390 Brings The Cloud To Car Navigation

Today Magellan announced their latest product the SmartGPS 5390 that’s changing the road with the power of the cloud. Behind the 5″ SmartGPS 5390, Magellan has developed a cloud connected ecosystem between your Android/iOS smartphones, Computer, tablets, and the SmartGPS itself. Magellan’s main attraction here is the price-point of their

12 Mar 2014

Lepow Moonstone 9000mAh Review

How many times have you been out and your iPhone died on you just before you got that picture with Rihanna for Instagram?   Didn’t expect an answer for that, but nevertheless, you have been out and constantly frustrated with the inadequate life capacity of your smartphone. As an avid

12 Mar 2014

Naztech iPad Air Sleek Portfolio Case Review

We recently got a hold of Naztech’s Sleek Portfolio iPad Air case that comes equipped with a keyboard for those of you afraid to part with your laptop. Increasingly we require portable but capable devices in our lives to fit the 21st century society that is always connected. The technology

15 Feb 2014

Robocop Review: It has a few glitches but it functions properly

The year was 1987 when the original Robocop blasted its way into theaters. Featuring a dystopian Detroit set in a cyberpunk future, Robocop was a lot of fun to watch. In addition to a triumphant score and pacing, the film was home to several staples that continue to this day.

08 Feb 2014

Flappy Bird Getting Removed From The App Store

Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird’s developer has just announced on Twitter that he’s removing the game from the App Store and Google Play (the only two platforms its available on) for unspecified reasons. The latest app craze, Flappy Bird, frustrates many due to its troll like difficulty and runner inspired gameplay

The movie poster of The LEGO movie, showcasing everything that is to be expected in this stellar animated film
08 Feb 2014

The LEGO Movie Review: The Best animated film of 2014!

  There is something that I can promise you, the reader, right now. At some point in your life, you played with Legos.  It didn’t matter if you followed the instructions or combined bricks to make your own creations. All that matters is that you played them.  People around the

10 Jan 2014

qronoCase 01:HR iPhone 5 Case Is Engineered For Gamers

qrono Inc. is bringing luxury engineering and comfort to their flagship iPhone 5 case which is targeted at gamers. The qronoCase 01:HR is user friendly iPhone 5 case that manages to combine usability, protection and style in a sleek aluminum body that allows for access to headphones, ID cards, and

07 Jan 2014

Element Case x Ducati Motorcycle | Element Case x Hogue Tactical & Firearms Composites Cases

Element Case announced today that they are the exclusive iPhone accessory manufacturer for Ducati, yes, the guys who make some of the coolest motorcycles you’ll ever want. The Element Case x Ducati collaboration will appear in Ducati’s dealerships all across the North American and European regions in addition to Element Case

07 Jan 2014

Review: Element Case Rogue Black Ops & iON 5 iPhone Cases

I admit, I hate phone cases. My best argument: I bought a slim phone for it to be well…slim. My iPhone 5 has been subject to much damage over the past year thanks to my reluctance to use a case but luckily that was solved when I acquired Element Case’s