Look! It’s Valve’s Steam Controller In Action

Valve has been touting their Steam controller’s precision as opposed to traditional gaming console controllers but until now they hadn’t shown it in action. Jeff, an engineer from Valve’s camp, demonstrates “legacy mode” which emulates a traditional keyboard and mouse configuration most PC gamers are familiar with. Without any modifications the Steam controller works seamlessly with Portal 2, Civilization V, and Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Upon observation of the Steam controller on video, it seems like the demonstrator’s thumb has to constantly reset to the side of the controller to keep from overshooting the track pad’s area. Possible drawback of legacy mode? I assume with a “joystick mode” when you reach the end of the sensor area it’ll keep scrolling in the particular direction like an analog stick. I’m still skeptical of a dual track-pad configuration but I’ll stay vigilant until I receive hands-on time with the controller.

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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