10 Feb 2015

5 Actors Who Should Play Spider-Man In Marvel’s Spider-Man Reboot

With recent announcement of Spider-Man entering the Marvel movie universe, Marvel also announced that Andrew Garfield will not be reprising his role as your neighborhood web slinger, so who should fill out the empty spot in the MCU? At Dual Pixels, we each have our own take on which actor is worthy of playing

02 Dec 2014

Terminator Genysis trailer will soon arrive from the future

It’s almost time to fight for the future in the past once again. Terminator Genysis, the 6th installment in the long-running Terminator franchise, is set to drop its trailer in approximately two days, meaning this coming Thursday. The Facebook page updated a few moments ago on the arrival of the

28 Nov 2014

The Star Wars trailer is here. No, this isn’t a joke. It’s Real Click to watch

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the trailer. No introductions. No synopsis. No rick rolls. Behold and get a tissue ready to shed tears of nerdgasmic joy.

25 Nov 2014

The Park is Open! Jurassic World trailer is live! Watch now and hold onto your butts!

In 1995, the world of cinema changed forever whenSteven Spielber directed and released Jurassic Park, based on the novel by author Michael Crichton. Featuring an incredible senstation of scale, a solid, thought-provoking story on nature and genetics, a raoring score from Sir John Willaims, and some of the most cutting

Peanuts 2
19 Nov 2014

The Peanuts get their first full trailer

It’s that time of year again. Those cheery holiday tracks. That refreshing merry sensation. Trees and reefs going up everywhere with snow blanketing the grounds. In it all, the sounds of the Holiday saeason. The tues of Christmas echo through the air and all around us. Of course, this is

17 Nov 2014

Frieza Is Back In Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F

The first image for the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (translates to F Is For Fukkatsu or Resurrection), has just revealed that none other than Frieza is back. While Frieza is the big take away here, it’s also noteworthy that Berrus is making a

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15 Nov 2014

From the producer of Dredd comes Ex Machina

  Robots, cyborgs, and the possibility of computing and robotics of the future is all the rage these days. Teased late last month, Alex Garland has pulled the curtain off his movie, Ex Machina. The first trailer was released right at the tail end of October and offers a very

07 Nov 2014

Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014

In recent years, comic book conventions have absolutely exploded onto the scene. From coast-to-coast shows, to shows that overflow in convention centers to those that find adequate space in small town halls, comic conventions are becoming the norm. No longer do we have to spend hundreds, or even thousands of

01 Nov 2014

One Last Ride, The Furious 7 trailer is here.

Family is everything, even when they turn their backs. They live, they breathe, they sacrifice. It’s been a challenging chapter for Universal Pictures and the entire team for the Fast and Furious franchise. One of the most wildly successful global phenomenons in human culture, the Fast and Furious franchise has

01 Nov 2014

Movie Review: Fury

“ Ideals are peaceful, history is violent.” Are the words Brad pitt utters halfway through the movie. Deep in enemy territory, remarking on his last years of fighting, he is a chiseled, grim instrument of war. He shows no remorse for the enemy and only has the most basic of

28 Oct 2014

Marvel Studios Lays Out Cinematic Universe Through 2019

Earlier today, Marvel Studios announced the next phase of motion pictures from their empire. One new change that was not previously known is the split of the third Avengers movie. We will now get four total movies featuring The Avengers. I can only imagine this to be a good idea

22 Oct 2014

Avengers Age Of Ultron Trailer Leaked (Update)

Update: Marvel did the smart thing and released the trailer in HD on their YouTube page. Check that link below. The first trailer for Avengers Age Of Ultron was supposed to be revealed during next week’s episode of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, but as with how things go, it was leaked