Netflix Saves Lucifer After the Cancellation From Fox

It’s that time of year. The time of year when TV networks either crush our souls by canceling our favorite shows or bring us joy by renewing them. But, in this new day and age of television, there’s now a third option. Another network could swoop in and save a show that a network had already canceled. Of course, this happened with fan favorite, Lucifer.

In a surprise, at least for all Lucifans, Fox decided to cancel Lucifer, ending its run at three seasons. The cast of Lucifer flocked to social media asking their fans to #SaveLucifer. It looks like their efforts worked, since Netflix has officially ironed out a deal to have Lucifer become a Netflix original and continue with Season 4.

Fox has also been under fire for canceling another cult favorite, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In another crazy turn of events, NBC decided to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine and breathe new life into the comedy hit. This is definitely a new age for television as shows didn’t used to get saved by other networks. I would think it would make the networks think twice before pulling the plug.

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