19 Feb 2013

Police Raid Xbox Durango Leaker’s Home

SuperDAE, a major source of Kotaku for the next generation Xbox has just announced that police raided his home taking all of his possessions. SuperDAE’s identity is unknown, however he has been a worthy tipster of many things regarding Durango. We’re guessing Microsoft had a lead on who the culprit was and

18 Feb 2013

Bungie’s New Game Destiny Revealed

Bungie’s next title since signing their 10-year publishing deal with Activision is in full development. Today, Bungie has revealed their first ViDoc for Destiny: The Game. The game’s plot speaks of the Traveler who sparked a Golden Age of technological advancement and intergalactic travel. Civilization is now, however, in ruins

15 Feb 2013

Early God of War: Ascension SP Demo Coming Feb 20th

Those of you that have been involved in the God of War: Ascension social game via GoW will be able to access the single player demo very soon if you were on the winning team. Choose Warriors or Spartans, once you’re involved you’re in the fight; the first team to

15 Feb 2013

PS4 Prototype DualShock 4 Controller And Dev Kit Leak

As Sony gears up for their huge PS4 reveal on February 20th, we didn’t expect it would be long before someone spilled a bit of juice prior to the announcement. A leaked photo shows the, not so much, reinvented DualShock controller featuring a rumored touch panel in place of where

14 Feb 2013

Rooster Teeth’s new animated series RWBY – “White” Trailer released

The second trailer for Rooster Teeth’s new animated series RWBY (pronounced ruby) has just been released online at roosterteeth.com.  The RWBY “White” trailer introduces viewers to the second of four main characters from the new series created by Red vs. Blue animation supervisor Monty Oum.  The series will officially premiere at the 3rd annual RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo),

12 Feb 2013

Injustice Battle Arena: The Flash vs. Shazam, Joker vs. Lex Luthor

Injustice: Gods Among Us is compiled of our favorite DC Comics’ characters who face-off head-to-head in this hotly anticipated fighter. NetherRealm showed us that they can do amazing things for the fighting game genre with their 2011 Mortal Kombat game. Injustice gives us the opportunity to see The Flash vs. Shazam for example,

11 Feb 2013

Fire Emblem: Awakening | Review

When Fire Emblem: Awakening was released in Japan I had immediately brushed the game aside. Since the majority of the Fire emblem series has never released in country’s outside of Japan. Needles to say once I heard that the title was intended for a release in the states I became

07 Feb 2013

Heart Breaking News: Rayman Legends Postponed

Today my friends and fellow gamers, game development mogul Ubisoft released some extremely depressing news. Rayman Legends, the follow up to the hit platformer Rayman Origins, has been pushed back to September. If you are like me, this game was the main reason you were looking to get a Wii

05 Feb 2013

COD: Black Ops 2 First to Have In-Game Live Stream Support with Twitch TV

Treyarch and Activision have made a move that I feel is well overdue by any competitive gaming outlet available to date. Black Ops 2 now supports live streaming while in game. It seems like Activision’s strategy on keeping their fans interested is by connecting them to all sorts of social

31 Jan 2013

The Next PlayStation Will Be Announced February 20th

See the future! That’s what Sony has planned for a special event on February 20th, 2013. The teaser site is vague but gives you the option to stay in touch of what’s going on. Check it out below! PlayStation Meeting 2013 

29 Jan 2013

Uncharted 4 Reimagined

The Uncharted series had always been subject to debate due to the streamlined plot that has no real underlying stories. The problem? None. In fact I enjoy everything about the Uncharted series; it’s execution is superb when you compare it to alike gaming experiences and film. The platform Naughty Dog

25 Jan 2013

Sony Giving Away Free 1 Month EU PlayStation Plus Codes

Sony is having a promotion across Europe that grants new users of PlayStation Plus a free 1 month trial of the service. New PlayStation Plus members are automatically entitled to redemption, however if you’ve already had PS Plus the network will reject your code. If you’re interested head over to