05 Dec 2012

Best Buy To Sell 3DS XL for $159.99!?

According to a cheapassggamer thread Best buy will be selling the blue/black, red/black, and pink/white 3DS XLs for $159.99 from December 9th to December 15th. If you plan on picking up a 3DS XL, now you know the PERFECT time to buy it! Currently the 3DS XL is $199.99 so you are

05 Dec 2012

The Olivero Effect | Gamer Workouts

Being a competitive gamer is almost a full-time gig. I constantly have to practice to stay on top of my game, and communicate with my teammates to build  awesome synergy. During most 15 hour gaming sessions gamers seem to neglect their bodies, and just chug down whatever will give them

04 Dec 2012

RUMOR: 3DS Hardware Announcements To Be Announced

Dual Pixels just received word from Geno that Nintendo will make several announcements regarding the 3DS at a later date. A synopsis of what is believed to be seen tomorrow from Geno can be seen below. Update: According to Geno, these hardware announcements such as new the 3DS color Dark Moon Black, are

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02 Dec 2012

Raiden | Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Tips

The white blooded solider from the Metal Gear Solid series makes his appearance in Playstation All-Stars. But, this version of Raiden isn’t the one we remember from MGS 2. This Raiden is the badass cyborg ninja from MGS 4, and MGS Rising: Revengance. His appearance in PS All-Stars is a very

30 Nov 2012

Fay Cry 3 | Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for the soon to be most controversial game of the year, aside from Mass Effect 3, is out. In this trailer of Far Cry 3 you can see the sheer the amount of effort the design team put into crafting this iteration of the Far Cry series.

26 Nov 2012

Mass Effect 3 | Take Back Omega! DLC

Ever wondered what happened to the tactical advantage of having the Omega planet on your side? Well here comes one of Mass Effect 3’s first story driven DLC “Take Back Omega!”. Aria is fed up with twiddling her thumbs as the Illusive Man continues to own her home turf. Both teams

16 Nov 2012

What is that Wii U Ad Song!?!?

With the Wii U coming out and Nintendo airing TV ads for it, if you are a gamer and you watch TV you are bound to see or have seen the Wii U ad. The ad is a pretty good ad that I actually enjoy watching. It really shows of

14 Nov 2012

New Super Mario Bros U Trailer

Thought you couldn’t get anymore hyped for Wii U launch? Think again.

12 Nov 2012

NEW Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots Gives New Looks At Los Santos

Hope you enjoy these NEW Grand Theft Auto Screenshots!

10 Nov 2012

Wii U Launch Event Set For NYC’s Nintendo World Store

Nintendo will be officially choosing the New York City Nintendo World Store to celebrate the release of Wii U. President and COO of NOA Reggie Fils-Aime will be there to keep the hype strong for those waiting in the midnight launch line. Oh yeah, there will be a midnight launch! The event

06 Nov 2012

Halo 4 | Review

Its been 5 years since we have seen the Master Chief in active duty. Many fans thought we ended the war and finally John 117 could get some rest. But as the game industry is being dominated by the Call Of Duty phenomenon, we need him now more than ever.

02 Nov 2012

Dead Or Alive 5 Review

It’s been years since the DOA cast has been on the scene of the fighting game realm and the timing couldn’t be any better with the current boom of titles in the genre. With all the new fighting games on the rise, with more to come, each game faces the