21 Sep 2012

Improving The Basketball Experience – NBA 2K13 Impressions

Ah…NBA 2K13. It’s shameful how much smack talk can go down with a bit of 2K Sports in the room, but it’s all in good fun. Last week we got hands-on NBA 2K13 for Wii U with 2K Sports producer Ben Bishop. This is the first time the franchise takes

21 Sep 2012

TGS 2012: E.X Troopers Trailer

If many of you have played Lost Planet then i want you to take a look at Capcom’s latest game. E.X Troopers shares similar mechanics to Lost Planet but has anime style visuals. E.X Troopers is releasing for PS3 and 3DS in Japan in November, no word on a western

20 Sep 2012

Wii U Still Isn’t A Next Gen Console

Last Thursday I got to get hands-on Wii U for the second time since E3, this time around, the hardware was in final form. After essentially getting to play the same console you may or may not be going to pick up on November 18th one very important question remains:

19 Sep 2012

YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z Announced For Consoles

Zombies + Ninja Gaiden? That’s what you get in this spin off of the Ninja Gaiden Series. The Creator of Megaman Keiji Inafune who has produced many of Capcom’s hit games, will be doing a collaboration with Team Ninja with his new studio called Comcept Studios. YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z

17 Sep 2012

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Announced For Late 2013

Bioware has announced the next entity in the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. In a letter to fans via the Dragon Age website, Mark Darrah announced that Dragon Age 3: Inquisition has been in development for the last 18 months by plenty of the same talent that have

13 Sep 2012

Wii U Launch Date, Launch Titles And Bundles

Wii U launches November 18th in the Americas for $299.99 and $349.99 respectively. Today Nintendo previewed Wii U in its final form showcasing a variety of titles including Nintendoland, New Super Mario Bros U, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and more. Surprisingly, Nintendo didn’t let out, much — if any

10 Sep 2012

NBA 2K13 Debuts An Emphatic Trailer

Get hype! The Jay-Z executively produced NBA 2K13 has a new trailer that will get you ready for this upcoming basketball season. Featuring Puff Daddy, the Notorious B.I.G. and the rest of the Bad Boy Family, the latest NBA 2K13 trailer prematurely claims “Victory” over the upcoming and returning NBA

04 Sep 2012

Wii U Launch Bundles, Price And Date Possibly Leaked

According to a distributors leaked inventory, a trinity of Wii U SKUs have been revealed beginning at $249.99. Video Product Distributors, who’s clients are Amazon, NewEgg, and Overstock to name a few, outed in its retailer wholesale catalog that Wii U will come in three SKUs at $249.99, $299.99, and $349.99 MSRP. The two

04 Sep 2012

Nintendo Beat World Record At PAX Prime

Nintendo fans didn’t blow it! Thanks to the hard work of Nintendo and fans of Kirby who attended this glorious moment at PAX Prime, the previous record of 304 simultaneous bubble gum bubbles being blown was broken and set at 536 simultaneous bubble gum bubbles being blown! The new world record added

30 Aug 2012

Metal Gear Solid Gets A Movie

The Metal Gear Solid series is getting a motion picture film thanks to Sony/Colombia. Announced at Konami’s 25th MGS anniversary event alongside Kojima, Avi Arad producer of The Amazing Spiderman and Iron Man 3, announced that he will be producing this project as well. For many years I fought to

25 Aug 2012

Nintendo Will Celebrate Kirby’s 20th Anniversary With Guinness World Record Attempt

Get ready to rejoice! Kirby’s 20th anniversary is coming up and Nintendo plans to celebrate by attempting to break a Guinness World Record.  Fans of Nintendo’s Kirby character will come together for a new Guinness World Record attempt for the most people blowing a chewing gum bubble simultaneously at PAX Prime on

18 Aug 2012

This Week In New Nintendo Digital Content for Nintendo Systems

This week Nintendo has a great lineup of downloadable content August 16-23, check it out! Nintendo eShop New Super Mario Bros.™ 2 (available Aug. 19) – The bros are back for an all-new adventure worth its weight in gold! Be one of the first to get your hands on this game by purchasing and