23 Mar 2013

Marvel Heroes Release Date + New Villians

Marvel fans rejoice! Marvel Heroes is just about ready to release. If some of you haven’t looked into Marvel Heroes yet it’s a PC MMO, in which you play as your favorite Marvel characters beating down foes and gaining new skills as you progress in leveling. Gameplay is similar to

19 Mar 2013

New Strider Game On The Way?

Capcom supposedly has something secretive up their sleeves for PAX East and this may be it. Strider Hiryu is more commonly known for his Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 shenanigans these days but he has starred in his own titles back in the NES and arcade days. Two leaks of the XBLA

Battlefield 4
18 Mar 2013

Battlefield 4 Preparing For March 27th Debut

EA is getting ready for Battlefield 4; the game will premiere March 27th with a debut trailer. Today EA teased, via Vine, the next generation of Battlefield; who’s excited? Straight from the video editing suite: Prepare 4 Battle – 03.27! This sneak peek now, more soon. (Please RT!… —

15 Mar 2013

Saint’s Row IV Announced, Coming This August

The next Saint’s Row, the 4th, has just been announced and is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC this year! Deep Silver and Volition are stepping outside their comfort zone even further by making the Saint’s Row sandbox experience even more ambiguous by adding super-powers, alien invasions, and even more action.

15 Mar 2013

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Game Of The Year Edition

With Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being over a year old, game of the year, receiving several patches and mods, you would wonder wheres the game of the year edition right? Amazon recently posted an order placement from Bethesda Software France marked as Skyrim’s game of the year edition. Like Skyrim’s

Just Cause 3
27 Feb 2013

Avalanche Studios Founder Outs Just Cause 3 Screenshot

The wild sandbox traversing series Just Cause might be making a return as soon as this E3. Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg couldn’t help himself but to tease Just Cause 3 with a screenshot posted to Instagram. In a reply to a fan on Twitter he tweets #E32013 to get

27 Feb 2013

Vanguard Princess | Screenshots!

Still not interested in checking out Vanguard Princess? Maybe these sick screenshots can win you over. Just look at all the vibrant action going on. Isn’t more interesting than other fighting games in the genre?Still not interested in checking out Vanguard Princess?                

26 Feb 2013

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Leaks

The next Assassin’s Creed title has leaked to the net, and it looks to be called ACIV: Black Flag. Ubisoft probably has an ACIV event on the horizon since I highly doubt they’d print these posters and marketing material without a immanent announcement soon. The posters were discovered by a

26 Feb 2013

Vanguard Princess | eigoMANGA Publishes English Version!

Its been over two years since I played Vanguard Princess at Comic Con. I remembered the majority of my con time was spent just sitting at its station. While others were entranced by Skull Girls  I was in the lab developing tech for Vanguard Princess’s release in the states. Its

16 Jan 2013

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Arriving 8/20 For PS3, 360 & PC

Ubisoft’s next iteration of the Splinter Cell series will be arriving August 20th for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Splinter Cell: Blacklist also received a new “Inauguration” trailer featuring a woman President, no not Hillary Clinton, that is working alongside Sam Fisher to protect the country against the “blacklist attacks”. Check out

10 Jan 2013

Project Shield, nVidia’s Android Based Portable Console

nVidia, like many other companies are starting to see potential within the Android and PC platforms for gaming, especially with the emerging power of mobile processors created but who other than themselves. Their newest innovation Project Shield is an Android based mobile console that doesn’t necessarily fit in your pocket, but offers

18 Nov 2012

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Review

Hows it going gamers? Recently I got my hands on the game “Painkiller: Hell and Damnation” which is a remake of the original Painkiller game. The game made by developers “The Farm 51” and published by “Nordic Games”, is a wave based FPS using the Unreal 3 engine that was